How can Students make a study plan for both groups of the CA Inter exam?

CA Inter exam

The inter-exam level in CA is a critical milestone in the journey of becoming certified in CA. Chartered Accountancy is one of the reputed professions in India and a promising one. Thousands of students prepare every year to become CA. The preparation time and process can be a challenging and rigorous process, but with the right guidance and a study plan, one can achieve their dream of being a CA. A well-structured study plan can help navigate the process at ease.

This blog will help you curate a study plan that will help cover subjects for the CA Inter Exam of both groups. You will learn how to make an effective study plan and strategies to speed up your preparation for exams and score well in CA Inter Result.

Understanding the CA Inter Exam Syllabus-

Before making a study plan for the CA inter exam, one must go through the intermediate syllabus. The intermediate level is in two groups, group I and group II, with 04 subjects in each group. To make a CA inter-study plan, go through each subject and then make a plan.

Group I Papers- Accounting, Corporate and Other Laws, Cost and Management Accounting, Taxation.

Group II Papers- Advanced Accounting, Auditing and Assurance, Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management, Financial Management & Economics for Finance.

To clear the CA intermediate level, one must score 40% marks in each subject and 50% or more in aggregate.

Tips to Create an Effective Study Plan for the CA Inter Exam

1. Know your goal-

Before you start making a CA inter-study plan, you must assess and know your goal. Knowing your strong topics and weak ones will help you prioritize them and add them to plan accordingly. Also, set your goal for the CA inter-exam score, meaning how much you want to score aggregately in each subject as well. You must also consider joining a CA Intermediate Coaching. 

2. Time Management-

While creating a study plan, dedicate time to each subject by considering your proficiency in them and their weightage. At the start, set your plan for weekly and try to finish it by the end of the week. Also, keep a tab for practice and revision time in your study plan as well.

3. Create a strategy Subject-wise for the CA Inter exam

Try to understand which subject you know well and which one least. Prioritize on that basis. Dedicate more time to the subject you need to work on more. Also, prioritize them on weightage in the CA inter exam.

4. Know the Syllabus of CA Inter Exam

Start making your CA inter-study plan by making a list of topics and sub-topics in each subject and then allocating time. By dividing a syllabus, you will be able to cover each topic in all subjects. 

5. Quality Study Material for CA Inter Exam

Always use quality study material for your preparation. Include a time to study material provided by ICAI. Also, select study material from good authors, publications, and online resources for a deeper understanding of topics.

6. Daily Study timetable 

While making a CA inter-study plan for the CA inter exam, focus on daily study routine. Create a plan with 12-14 hours of study time that you can follow consistently. Also, include a break for relaxation and physical activity.

7. Include exercise-

Healthy body, healthy mind! Dedicate a time for exercising in your daily routine. It will help keep stress levels down and your mind active. Add 30-40 minutes for exercise and stress-managing techniques like yoga and meditation.

How do I prepare both group study plans?

Preparing for both intermediate groups can be challenging and demanding. Balance is of utmost importance while one prepares for the CA inter exam of both groups. Here are a few tips to manage the CA inter-study plan for both groups-

  • Group-wise Allocation- When you make a study plan for both groups, try to complete one group before taking up the subject of another group. It will help you to understand better, have clarity in concepts, and be able to concentrate.
  • Practice inter-group paper- Once in a while, during practice or revision time, solve questions from both groups’ subjects. It will help you to be on track with all subjects.
  • Revision- Whether you prepare Group I before or Group II, make sure you dedicate revision time to the previous group while preparing for the next one. It will help you to reinforce knowledge. 


A study plan is an essential part of CA preparation. Securing good marks and clearing the CA inter exam in fewer attempts can help you land your dream job. An effective CA study plan for both groups can help you clear exams in the first attempt and secure good marks. Follow these tips to curate a study plan that suits you to increase your chances of achieving remarkable intermediate CA results.

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