How Does Yoga Increase The Immunity and Resistive Power of The Body?

Nothing ruins a great Sunday like a bad case of winter flu. Just imagine being sick all day long when you have an extremely important work deadline to meet. Or not being able to get out of bed to be with friends and family. The disadvantages of getting terrible flu cannot be countered after you have acquired it. Then it’s a bit of a journey to the road of suffering. Falling sick is probably for the cavemen who didn’t know yoga or were simply busy sharpening their rocks for hunting. Now that we are living in the 21st century, let’s head for an awesome yoga teacher training in Nepal that will teach us amazing preventive yoga moves that can keep us fit and healthy for longer periods. Not only does yoga improve our immunity, but it also provides our bodies that much needed strength to fight flu attacks. So get down on your feet because this article will help you get up on your feet with a spark of good health with yoga moves.

How Does Yoga Increase The Immunity and Resistive Power of The Body?

Here a 5 yoga moves you can do to increase your immunity like never before:


Who wants pneumonia when you can have an awesome pair of lungs, helping you breathe smoothly forever! This is the power of bhujangasana or cobra pose that helps you open your chest and make space for fresh oxygen to enter. Additionally, this yoga pose is a preventive magic tool to keep congestion of the lungs at bay. Increasing immunity takes a little bit of dedication and a few cobra poses that impact your lungs’ in a great way. So go for bhujangasana even if it takes you to travel yoga retreats in Nepal.

Downward dog

You don’t have to know what thymus is, only if you do your downward dogs every day. The thymus is that part of the body that protects you from attacking viruses and bacteria. It’s located in the chest cavity right above the lungs and mostly stops growing after puberty. Our immune system is heavily dependent on thymus and thymus is greatly impacted by yoga. Yes, you heard that right. If you do a decent number of downward dogs every day, chances are likely that you’re supporting your immune system and strengthening it too.

Child’s pose

Fighting immune-based issues is no child’s play but yoga can help greatly. Doing a child’s pose every morning after you wake up can reduce stress in your body. This way stress hormones automatically get reduced, greatly impacting your immunity. Yes, immunity is related to stress and the more stressed you are, the more likely it is to catch unwanted sickness. So starting with baby steps such as a healthy child’s pose can help you resist stress and build immunity.

Tortoise pose

Sitting on the floor with arms and feet stretched wide apart can do wonders to your lymphatic system, improve blood circulation and give you that much need relaxation from stress. The three-in-one benefits of tortoise pose have inspired many yogic to turn into tortoises the moment they get up in the morning. This yoga pose is not only preventive, but it also builds strength in your body and helps you cope with sickness in a snap.


If sitting in an easy pose, mindfully controlling your breathing isn’t a challenging yoga move, then we don’t know what is. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple yoga practice with mindful breathing to counter the attacks of illness and lethargy. And pranayama is absolutely beneficial for anyone who runs the risk of clogged lungs, congestion, and shortened breath. Inculcating pranayama into everyday life can significantly improve our immunity and prolong our life too.

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