How Does Yoga Relieve Stress and Tension?

How Does Yoga Relieve Stress and Tension? Yoga in India is a very popular and effective practice for promoting the overall well-being of an individual. Apart from the physical welfare, Yoga also uplifts mood and brings inner calm. Yoga is a very effective stress buster and minimizes tension.

How Does Yoga Relieve Stress and Tension?
Young woman in yoga pose sitting near watefall, Rear viewYoung woman in yoga pose sitting near watefall, Rear view

Yoga also helps you connect to your spiritual side and gives you a contended and a feeling of transcendence.

What is stress?

Stress is a psychological pain, where the individual feels mental pressure and strain. Scientifically, stress comes to play when the brain releases cortisol hormone in high numbers. This usually happens when we started thinking about things way too seriously and consider them emergencies.

Regular stress can cause some serious damages to the body and mind. The excessive flow of cortisol can cause ulcers, increase body fat, disrupt blood flow, a sudden increase in blood pressure and heart-related problems. It’s important to de-stress in order to live a healthy life.

How Yoga affects our psychological health?

We all are familiar with the saying, ‘A healthy mind, resides in a healthy body.’ This is true in every case, for us humans. Yoga involves stretching, twisting and balancing postures that help relax our muscles. It also promotes better blood flow, keeping our heart happy and young. These physical improvements in turn promote our mental well-being. Yoga being the unification of body and mind works in a magical yet scientifically proven ways to improve our overall health.

Yoga school in India considers Yoga a divine art of healing that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Controlled breathing techniques relax the body by promoting better blood flow and allow it to function normally. This slows down the secretion of cortisol which is the primary hormone responsible for stress. Low secretion of cortisol further reduces the production of serotonin which is accountable for depression.

People, who practice Yoga regularly, have a better quality of life as compared to those who don’t. Yoga practice uplifts mood by reducing pains, improving health and feeling of euphoria. It also promotes good sleep pattern and helps waking up fresh.Yoga teacher training in India  is gaining popularity because of its positive influence and emphasizes on the importance of Yoga for an overall development

Stress relief techniques

  • Meditation and Breath controlling exercises are very effective in dealing with stress and tension by reducing panic and maintaining blood flow and other vitals of the body. Meditation helps us concentrate and take in charge of the mind which is responsible for the cortisol rush. Yoga teacher training in India is a very popular
  • Regular Yoga asanas can help you gain better control over your mind and regulate stress and tension. Asanas also help you maintain your physiological health and promotes better blood flow and oxygen to the brain
  • Healthy and Nutritious diet helps reduce blood sugar levels and weight. Mindful eating is a technique where you concentrate on the food, its taste, texture, and smell. This technique helps use your mind as per your will and avoid negativity.


The union of the body and mind through Yoga is the perfect way to achieve a healthy body and peaceful mind, free of tension and stress.

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