How Often Should You Clean Different Parts of Your Business?

How Often Should You Clean Different Parts of Your Business?

Offices can get dirty easily, whether you’re a small business handling small office work or you’re a major conglomerate handling operations worldwide. Offices, warehouses, and production lines go through a lot of use day after day, and all that use translates into dirt and grime accumulating. Certain areas get dirty quicker than others, so it’s important to know how often you should clean different parts of your business. You can establish a cleaning and maintenance schedule for your business that will keep the space clean and functioning properly for years when you understand what needs cleaning and when.

Common Surfaces

You should dust and wipe down each surface weekly, whether you have typical office equipment or a storefront. Dust accumulates quickly, especially if you have several people coming in and out. Be sure to pay special attention to high-touch areas like doorknobs, counters, and desks because these accumulate more dirt and grime than other parts of your business.

Additionally, you should wipe down light switches, blinds, and windowsills to get rid of any dust build-up. It can seem like a big task depending on the size of your business and office space, task your employees with keeping up after themselves or hire a third party. It doesn’t hurt to have your team take care of minor things here and there if you do hire professional cleaners.

Water Storage Tanks

Cleaning a water storage tank may not even be on your mind if your business utilizes one. These tanks have long lifespans, but those lifespans are only possible with routine cleaning and maintenance. You must first identify how you use these tanks and what your goal is if you’re wondering how often you should clean your water storage tanks. For example, you may only need to clean them every few years if these storage tanks go through a filtration process. Alternatively, you should invest in professional cleanings yearly or more frequently if water purity and tank integrity are crucial for your business.


The bathroom is the part of your business that you don’t want to spend too much time in if it’s not as clean as you’d like it to be. Consider requesting maintenance clean the space multiple times throughout the day if you want your bathroom to really shine, and do some deeper cleaning weekly. Mopping the floor and wiping down all the surfaces is important for keeping things hygienic, and on the weekend, consider breaking out the more intense chemicals and scrubbing equipment.

Once you can go through and identify how often you use the items in your office and the space itself, you can clearly see how often you must clean different parts of your business. The rate will change from business to business, but some general cleaning rules and frequencies will help keep you and your business clean and functioning smoothly for years.

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