How safe is Vaping as Compared to Smoking

How safe is Vaping as Compared to Smoking – Cigarettes are not part of a healthy lifestyle. They have a negative impact on a person’s health as they can damage so many different organs. Smoking increases the risk of heart disease and lung cancer. There have a lot of awareness campaigns about the unhealthy impact of smoking on a person’s health.

How safe is Vaping as Compared to Smoking

Many people wish to give up smoking but are unable to do so. There is a common belief that switching from traditional cigarettes to Vape NZ is good for health as vaping has less harmful chemicals. But there is no hard evidence to support the claim that vape is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Before you decide to go to E-liquid shop online UK and swap the cigarette for an e-cigarette it is important that understand the consequences of vaping.

Comparing chemicals in vaping and cigarettes:

It is important to remember that whether you are smoking traditional or e-cigarettes you will be inhaling combusted smoke and there will always be serious health implications.

Almost all the chemicals found in the cigarettes are harmful and toxic. The nicotine is the element that makes cigarettes addictive. All the chemicals have serious health implications.

Vaping does not require any combustion and it has less harmful chemicals as compared to cigarettes but it does not mean that it is a healthier option. The biggest concern about vaping is that the list of chemicals used in it is not shared. Vapes have nicotine so it is addictive to some extent and therefore, harmful.

Health and safety:

Smoking has been the source of a number of health and safety concerns over the years. People have become aware of the concerns and in many places, legislation has been put in place to keep the people safe from serious risks. The biggest and most common concern is the risk of smoking material fires.

Vaping is not without health and safety risks. There is no combustion involved in vapes but they do use batteries and these batteries have known to explode. An exploding battery can cause serious injuries so it is important that you are aware of the danger before thinking that it is a safe smoking option.

Cost implications of smoking and vaping:

Smoking is not a cheap habit as good cigarettes cost a lot of money. The cost is an important factor in choosing between traditional and e-cigarettes.

People often stick with traditional cigarettes because the initial cost of vaping is higher than a pack of cigarettes. There is a lot of data available that can help you in calculating the cost of the cigarettes. The cost can vary with the number of cigarettes an individual smokes in a day.

A vape can last at least a year so if you think about the daily cost then the vape is more cost-effective than traditional cigarettes. You will have to pay for the vape once and then enjoy it for a year.

The fact is that a vape is going to cost you more annually as compared to cigarettes.


There are different aspects that should be taken into consideration before making a choice between smoking and vaping. One thing is certain that both vaping and cigarettes have a negative impact on a person’s health.

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