How the Evolution of iOS Has Changed the Future of App Development

The development of iOS has come a long way since 2007. iOS always has a very specific and specialized approach when it comes to mobile app development for their platform. They have very specific rules and regulations for developers that build for the iOS platform. Similarly, many companies apart from Apple follow the same regulations while creating any app or hiring any developers for their projects.

Ios App Development

Earlier when the iPhone was launched it didn’t have many features and also lacked many features that other mobile phones were providing. But when the App Store was launched apple set some standards and has kept on evolving since then. 

Here are a few points which can tell how the evolution of iOS has changed the future of mobile app development. 

1. Syncing and multitasking

Since its birth, iOS has proved itself as a platform with some unique features. The developers of the platform always tried to make it more convenient for its users. The reason behind the growth of the platform is it’s easily understood operating system. Users can sync their device with another Apple device that provides an integrated user experience. 

2. Introduction to touchscreen

The iPhone brought touch features in the form of a touchscreen keyboard interface. When the iPhone was first launched it lacked many features such as copy/pasting, the option to attach files, documents couldn’t be edited and can also be easily hacked. 

The innovation of the touchscreen keyboard made the user experience simpler.  

3. Storage management

Earlier iOS didn’t have enough features for storage. There was this process of manual referencing that led to many bugs. But the developers thought that their experience of building an app with the iOS platform was relatively better than other operating systems. 

The platform provided them with a competitive edge over developers and yet it was simple to use. 

4. Web browsing

The iPhone made internet access available for its users just after the launch because wifi availability wasn’t present everywhere. At that time all other mobile phones had cellular networks. So the mobile internet was a big advantage for Apple. Apple even launched a safari that allowed its users to browse websites over the phone as normal desktop websites. 

Web browsing and the birth of safaris were game-changers for developers. 

5. Layout

Apple introduced a major feature of auto layout. Though it was a bit complicated, it became easier to merge out. Earlier there was only one screen size so it was easier to work but now there were different screen sizes after the introduction of the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPad. 

6. Application and iOS software development kit

The concept of having mobile apps was for Apple. As the request to have more native apps increased, Apple came up with its software development kit. Soon Apple launched the concept of pay per download. Users need to pay for the particular app they would like to buy. 

Developers were now capable of adding more functions, features and making it more advanced in terms of technology. 

7. Introduction of iPad

iOS 3.2 was launched for the iPad, which included a landscape version for the iPad and many other added ons of dialogue boxes. Because of the introduction of the iPad, there were some major changes in the operating system of the iPhone. The back button was removed. These major changes were made so that users can view their content in either landscape or portrait mode. 

8. App store

Apple generated a revenue of about $20 billion in 2015 because of the launch of the app store. Every company has its own strict guidelines which the developers have to follow keeping the latest trends in mind if they want to launch their app on the ios platform. Apple was very strict about what kind of apps are to be included in the app store.  

9. Siri and Google Free Maps

Siri – a virtual voice assistant of apple that is capable of interacting with humans. People can ask questions, directly to perform any particular task. Earlier the technology was reported with some bugs but it came out as one of the most trending technologies. 

Apple has its all-new version of maps it doesn’t use google maps. It has fully featured navigable maps. Apple came late to the mobile technology race but it ensured that every feature and product launch should be of high quality. It has started opening to 3rd party tools.

Though Apple came up late in the competition it ensured that it provided the best quality standards. It proved it saying right “be best at what you do”. Its users can surely say that Apple is the best at what it does. With every new feature added and every new innovation, Apple ensures that it provides a better experience for its users. 

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