How To Build a Brand? Follow These Steps

If you own a company or an online store, you sure want that company or business of yours to turn into the brand of the decade in overnight. Sorry to say but a brand doesn’t get built overnight. You have to put in tandem with smart work as well as hard work to build your company into a brand from scratch.

How To Build a Brand? Follow These Steps

First Select Your Brand Name

Before starting to build your brand, you should select the face of your brand – your brand name. Having a brand name which is superior to any of your competitors, gives you a kickstart in the race of business. If you have been thinking too much about brand name ideas and failing to come up with a decent name for your brand, here are some tips that might help you:

  1. Select some names to choose from.
  2. Group shorter names.
  3. Look for names which give a message to consumers about your company.
  4. Find a domain name that favours your company name.
  5. Register your name with the United States Patent and Trademark office.

Following these steps carefully, and you’ll be rolling off with a company name to show off.

2. What Exactly is Brand?

A brand is simply what your customers think of you. It’s a reputation of your business and thus makes a great impact on your profits and net income. A brand is something which drives maximum sale with minimal advertising. If your company turns into a brand, you have a low investment and high-profit ratio.

When a company turns into a brand, the branding sensates a major difference in the company’s output and reputation.

For instance, a Samsung smartphone is ten times worth any random android phone with the same perks. That’s exactly what a Brand is.

3. How To Build It

After you have selected a brand name and figured out what is meant by brand, finally, it’s time to make your own brand, and these following steps make a blueprint that will help you build your brand.

1. Select your brand’s target.

Your brand cannot be a jack of all trades. That’s why you need to compartmentalize the section of audience your brand will be impacted, at least that’s the plan for initial months. If you go on to try and impact a larger section which doesn’t hold the same value for your brand, you will fail miserably.

2. Your brand is a living person

This may sound a bit off-topic in the heading, but it’s a valuable point to read. You need to think of your brand as a person and describe his personality in some odd words like – flamboyant, fierce, best values, responsive, zen, creative, useful and so on and so forth. Now use these words to make your company into a brand. All these words are brandable and can help your business become a successful brand story.

3. Personify things again

This pointer has the same basic idea as the previous one. The only difference being, you have to use metaphors by personifying your brand into animals. These metaphors help your brand gain its originality. An example is given – if you’re operating a venture for bodybuilders, you need to choose metaphors of muscular animals like bulls or bulldogs. These metaphors are helpful and distinguish your brand from others. These metaphors are also helpful in building a loyal fan base.

4. Brand colours:

Colours for your brand are not mere colour palettes for your website and brand background, they convey a message and nature of your brand. That’s why you should choose your colours wisely.

Here is a list which suggests what colour represents what.


Warmness and helpfulness.


Friendly, cheery and confident.


Bold moves, young and free.




Trustworthy and truthful.


Healthy, concerned, wellness.


Calming, composed and contained.

 Also, it’s equally important to see that if your text colour goes well with your website’s colour pallets. These should either be contrasting like the light text on a dark background like white on blue, or grey on black. This makes the content easy to read for your clients, and hence they thank you subconsciously.

5. A slogan is an endgame

The slogan makes a big impression with very fewer words. But what should a good slogan be like? Let’s see:

  • It should be catchy and quirky.
  • It should be unique.
  • It should be impactful.

Use your slogan to state your claim (world’s No. 1 Protein Powder), this way you can use your slogan to attract customers and gain popularity among brands. You should use your brand’s slogan to personalize the brand. Use it on your social media handles’ descriptions and on your website’s landing page as well as business cards and thumbnails.

You can use all these points along with some smart work to turn an average company into a big brand and enjoy high-profit stakes. Enjoy your journey from being an owner of a company to a CEO and owner of a sensational brand.

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