How to Choose a Suitable Opal Acrylic Light Diffuser?

Opal Acrylic, commonly used for Light Diffusers is the hottest trend in the Lighting Industry, as Photographers and Filmmakers always use Acrylic Light Diffusers to get the desired shades of calm lighting during a photo shoot or a movie. Apart from this, Opal Acrylic Sheets are largely used in Office, Household and Commercial Lighting Applications. Acrylic Diffuser Sheets come with both the features including strength and durability, thus, making it a suitable material for Commercial and Domestic Lighting fixtures.

What is a diffuser?

Typically, a diffuser sits over the light source and the space being lit. As the diffuser is hit by the light, the light beams are refracted, resulting in a soft, evenly distributed light. The purpose of a diffuser is to create a lit environment with minimal to no shadows. Diffusers are commonly used in the Home and in Hotels for Decorative Fixtures, as well as for Signage and Light Boxes. They are also applicable for Commercial Applications, Offices, and Educational Environments, using the soft light to create a comfortable working space. We stock Opal Perspex Sheet as standard with 50% Light Transmission but can supply as low as 7% Light Transmission and as high as 90% Light Transmission. Should you require anything like this, please Contact Us.

Types of materials used for diffusers

Opal Perspex Sheet and Opal Polycarbonate Sheet are two of the most effective materials used for diffusers. Acrylic comes with some outstanding optical properties that make light transmission easy, with Opal 050 being the most common Acrylic to use for Lighting. It is quite suitable for the diffusion of hot spots and you can easily fabricate the item if needed.

Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is denser than Opal Perspex Sheet and is capable of bearing higher temperatures. Opal Polycarbonate is an excellent material used as a diffuser for LED hot spots. Its capability of resisting heat and excessive light, along with the form ability has made the material a hot favorite as an effective light diffuser sheet amongst users.

Opal Perspex Sheet

LED Hotspot Solution

Acrylic is the most effective material to use as a light diffuser and the material is suitable for lighting fixtures used for Commercial and Domestic purposes. Today, Acrylic Sheets are widely used for Backlit Signs and Point of Purchase Displays and Exhibitions around the world. The users can avail of a number of benefits from the LED Opal Light Diffusing Acrylic Sheet – designed to eliminate any hotspots that are produced from the regular Opal Acrylic.

Other uses of Opal Acrylic

Opal Perspex Sheet is used for a wide variety of different applications, which include the following:

  • Illuminated Ceiling Panels
  • Diffusing Lights in Luminairs
  • Being Backlit from Signs and Exhibitions Displays
  • Office Lighting Diffusers
  • Elevator Diffusers
  • School Purposes
  • Photography
  • Light Boxes
  • Commercial Lighting Diffusers
  • Domestic Lighting Diffusers
  • Shop Front Signage

As well as this, Opal Perspex Sheet comes in a variety of different finished as well, which range from:

  • Opal 050 Light Diffusing Acrylic Sheet
  • LED Opal Light Diffusing Acrylic Sheet
  • Opal Frost S2 030 Light Diffusing Acrylic Sheet

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