How to Export Windows Live Mail to MBOX based Application

Today, windows live mail has reached the top of the popularity; thousands of users use it as their professional & personal email client. Yet there are several desktop email clients available and most of them support MBOX extension. The most popular email applications that support MBOX are – Thunderbird, Mac Mail, PocoMail, Spicebird, SeaMonkey, The Bat, etc. So there may occur a necessity to  Mac EML to MBOX Converter based email application.

 Mac EML to MBOX Converter

Mac EML to MBOX Converter format is not an easy task but it is not tough as much as it seems. In this blog, you will find the solution of EML to MBOX Conversion. There could be several reasons to convert EML file to MBOX format and numerous solutions are available on the internet for the required conversion. Here, in this blog, we are describing the best solutions for you. When you receive Outlook files that you want to access in your Thunderbird profile, it requires Mac EML to MBOX Converter. 

While you are changing your job and the current company is operating its emails on Thunderbird. The user is working on two email platforms-Thunderbird for personal and Outlook for the office. In this condition when it is required to do some official work from home, Mac EML to MBOX Converter . When an organization is planning to change from MS Outlook to Thunderbird.

Get the reasons to use EML to MBOX Converter

  • Quick and easy conversion is supported by the tool
  • Export EML files in bulk to MBOX format
  • Export EML files in bulk to MBOX format
  • Live Preview facility before conversion
  • Support all MBOX based email clients
  • Compatible to all Windows platforms
  • Preserve entire email components and database structure
  • Free demo facility for all the users
  • Freely convert desired EML files

Need for EML To MBOX. Conversion

Windows Live Mail has not been updated for a long time and there are several advanced email clients available which support MBOX. So a big reason to switch from EML To MBOX. is no up-gradation of Live Mail and there may be other reason too, like – switching job, demands of workplace and hobbies of changing email clients or changing between operating systems. All these reasons force users to have a requirement to  Mac EML to MBOX Converter


Now let’s conclude the discussion. I have told you one solid software which can easily convert EML files to MBOX. This tool is tried and tested and I have also read the reviews of the product. All the reviews and feedback are positive. So use the EML Converter tool for Mac EML to MBOX Converter. I hope you liked this article.

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