How To Give Pets as Gifts

When choosing a gift for an important person in your life, there are many ways to go about it. These gifts can range from somewhat small symbols of affection, such as flowers, photo albums, or personalized journals, to more considerable gifts, like an expensive watch or a piece of designer clothing. 

However, some people choose to go a different route and buy someone a pet as a gift. If you choose to do this, there are some things you need to know beforehand. 

Different Types of Pets to Give

Always consider what kind of pet would that person appreciate. There are so many to choose from, so finding a perfect match for your gift taker shouldn’t be a problem. Here are some ideas:

Puppies are universally adored and loved! Just make sure to research about the specific breeds and their behavior so the dog fits into the person’s lifestyle. For example, if they have kids (or if you want to surprise a child) a Chow Chow might be a good choice. Chow Chows are regarded as great house pets, and they get along with children well. Just remember, as is the truth with most dogs, they need to be trained from an early age.

How To Give Pets as Gifts

Another great choice when it comes to dogs is a corgi. Corgis are extremely affectionate, loving, excited, and happy pups, and will light up every home they enter. Usually, they are very outgoing and have loads of energy, so they would be an ideal choice for someone who has plenty of time to devote to this beautiful breed.

If you feel like dogs aren’t the way to go, how about rodents? They require much less care than dogs or cats and are not a long-term commitment. Not only do they require less care, but they also need much less space, meaning they can fit nicely into a somewhat small apartment.  

How To Give Pets as Gifts

One of the most popular choices from this category are hamsters, but there are so many to choose from! Rats, mice, guinea pigs, degus, chinchillas… The possibilities are endless, just make sure to do your research to find out which fit your friend’s personality the best!

Looking for a pet that’s easy to care for, is hypo-allergenic and unique? Maybe a reptile is a right choice! Geckos, snakes, chameleons, and turtles are all good options. While reptiles are low-maintenance, they still require proper care, so, once again, make sure the pet can fit into your gift taker’s lifestyle.

How To Give Pets as Gifts

What You Should Know Before Making The Decision

Now that you have some idea of what type of pet you want to gift someone, there are more steps to take before coming to the final decision of giving someone a pet. 

The number one rule of giving pets as a gift is that it must not be a surprise. If you are a parent wanting a pet for your child, or if you want to gift a pet to your significant other (meaning you will be partly responsible for it), it might be a good idea. Otherwise, make sure the person receiving the animal will be completely on board with it. Why? Because if the person does not want to take care of a pet, the animal might end up on the streets or in a shelter. It is never a good idea to dump such a big responsibility on someone who isn’t ready, so it’s crucial to talk to the person beforehand.

Now, if you have previously discussed the possibility and the person is on board with receiving a pet as a gift, the next step is making sure which pet is ideal. We’ve seen some potential options, so you need to think about the person’s needs, how much spare time they have, whether they are more outgoing or tend to stay in a lot. All of these need to be taken into account when choosing the right pet for them.

On a different note, make sure the animal is completely healthy, vaccinated and comes from a reputable source. Always bring the pet to the vet first to make sure everything is fine. You do not want to gift someone a sick animal, do you?

Finally, consider the cost of a pet. If you are set on giving someone a live animal, it is polite to cover some of the initial costs of caring for it. For example, if you want to gift a puppy, you should add a bag of treats as a bonus present. For a bunny, buy a cage and some lettuce. If you want to give your friend a kitten, then a litter box is a great gift to go along with it. These costs can add up, so make sure you have the budget for it, as pets can quickly become very expensive. 

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