How to Have the Best Haitian Experience?

If this is your first time visiting an exotic country, you need to prepare accordingly. Leaving your home for a walk in the neighborhood alone demands some minimum of preparation, let alone leaving the country or your entire continent. Haiti is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but you still need to prepare for the journey properly.

Here are some tips to help you in this sense:

Make Your Plan in Advance

You can afford a blind traveling experience when your destination is close to home. But the same doesn’t apply if it’s not. Especially if it’s a destination at the other end of the world, in an exotic place and a completely different cultural space. So, plan ahead. Here are some essentials to consider:

  1. The Ideal Accommodations

Look for the best hotels in the area to provide you with the exact services and amenities you’re looking for. You want easy access to luxurious housing conditions, top security, great recreational activities, delicious and fresh food, and so on. Every little detail counts when weighing the positives against the negatives.

  1. The Proximity to Historical and Cultural Landmarks

While Haiti has superb beaches with crystal-clear waters and plenty of recreational opportunities nearby, sometimes that can get stale. Especially if you’re more of a history buff or look to immerse yourself in the country’s culture and vibe. Make sure there are plenty of touristic sites to visit while during your vacation for an even more unforgettable experience.

  1. The Budget

How did we not start the list with this one? You should check your available budget for the trip at home before even leaving. Leave no stun unturned; you need to account for everything. This includes the standard traveling expenses, accommodation, food if you plan on eating out often, recreational activities, and even an emergency fund for when needed. You never know what expenses may arrive along the way.

Also, keep in mind that the hotel you’re choosing to stay throughout your trip’s duration can make or break your experience. It’s not just about the actual housing comfort, but about the nearby landmarks as well and how many recreational opportunities you get in that specific place. Residence Royale Hotel in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti is a great pick, for instance, thanks to being located in the heart of Cap-Haitien and providing you with top services and access to Haiti’s very identity.

There are a lot of cultural and historical sites to consider around the hotel, so be sure to check this one if you’re planning on reaching Cap-Haitien.

Make the Most of It

If you’re visiting Haiti as a tourist, you want to make the most out of your traveling experience, so plan your tour and activities ahead of time. Look for any points of interest that you might want to visit, grab a camera with you, and make as many pictures and videos as you can. This may seem like a pointless advice, because most people do that anyway, right? Not quite.

It’s so easy to get tired and lazy when in a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping traveling experience. Especially when in a new, vibrant, and exotic location. Nothing beats the delicious comfort of sipping on a cold cocktail in the shade, next to an azure pool. Don’t fall into this trap.

Leave your cocktail aside for a bit and stick to your travel plan. Visit everything on your list, make pictures, record memorable moments, and thank yourself later.

Bring Someone Close to You

It may be your best friend, a lover, your family, or even any one of your friends. Any trip is better when you have someone to share that experience with, especially when traveling across the world. And especially when your destination is Haiti. Plus, it’s always more fun to have two brains trying to think of new ways to have fun than just one.

Don’t Get Carried Away!

Traveling to anywhere comes with the risk of excesses. It’s part of normal human behavior. Especially when your destination is a vibrant, exotic, and magic place that can take anyone out of their shell. However, you must not lose focus. Don’t drink too much or too often, always keep track of your car, keys, papers, and precious belongings, always lock your hotel door, and don’t trust people blindly.

Make sure that the hotel you’re staying at has tight security and proficient personnel that care about you and your wellbeing. This approach will allow you to enjoy your trip without the risk of losing any of your possessions or experience unpleasant episodes of any nature.

Live, Travel, Laugh, Repeat!


You know how some places are best visited only during a specific time of year? Haiti isn’t one of them. Every time is the best time to visit Haiti, whether alone, with a friend, or your entire family. You only need an open heart, a positive attitude, and a camera and you’re all set.

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