How to Hire the Best offshore Vue.js Developer?

Vue.js is one of the prominent JavaScript frameworks out there in the IT world. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, you can design it right from scratch to be incrementally adoptable. Vue.js Developers empower Single Page Apps when used with modern tools and supporting libraries.


Along with this, Vue.js promises to provide you with the smartest ways to keep your development going smoothly. Thanks to these robust capabilities of Vue.js, the demand for hiring experienced Vue.js professionals is high among the software companies. If you are also looking to hire Vue.js developer for your next project, then you are at the right place.

This blog will guide you through the hiring process of offshore developers. But before that, let’s dive deeper into the framework’s popularity and know how it affects your hiring process.

7 steps to hire perfect Vue.JS developers

As per HackerRank, Vue.js stands fourth in the list of best Javascript frameworks across the globe. Popular platforms and websites such as Apple, Grammarly, Netflix, GitLab, 9GAG, etc heavily use the Vue.js framework. Furthermore, Vue.js is easier in terms of architecture and API. You just need to be familiar with HTML and Javascript for building native apps with Vue.js.


But how to harness this framework’s popularity to improve your hiring process? Well, this enormous demand to hire dedicated Vue.js programmers makes it harder to find the best fit for your business. However, some steps can help you achieve that. Let’s understand them one by one:

1. Research well about the Vue.js developers

Google the countries from where you can hire dedicated Vue.js developers. North America, India, the UK, and Ukraine are the best options for offshore Vue.js development.

Ask for your offshore developer’s work profile. Try to get more information from someone in your network who directly or indirectly knows about the developer’s work.

Research, list, scrutinize and only then finalize the best offshore development team for your project. Because in the haste to launch apps, tech businesses finalize the app developer by just looking at the outer view and regret later because of unfavourable project outcomes.

2. Shortlist the reliable partners

To complete the above processes, it is important to establish a long-term relationship with the development team. Ensure that you select the offshore development partner for a longer duration as the offshore development process is a lengthy task. Because the development project may last for a week, month or for an entire year.

Besides this, the development process includes various stages, and release is not the end. As you need several feedback before final usage. After feedback assessment, the developer can add the latest features, file down the app, and cut down the unnecessary functionality.

3. Interview the chosen partners

Once you have “ideal candidates” in your clutches, try to decide if they are passionate about what they are doing or excited about what they hope to do. Explore their area of expertise and online presence such as their portfolios or GitHub profiles. Also, assess their mental agility and problem-solving ability.

If you are a non-tech person, it is best to consult an expert who possesses some know-how to help you interview developers. Evaluate your candidate’s capability, creativity in problem solving, learning ability, approach to a new problem, and overall amicability.

4. Plan the pricing structure

Pricing is the most important aspect to consider when you hire a software development company. The offshore development teams often operate at minimal costs to offer high values.

You should keep in mind the overall development duration, project type, and expertise level to identify the best model that can provide you with attractive cost-saving opportunities.

5. Make a reporting structure for team monitoring

Make a clear cut reporting structure clear to help employees understand how to observe protocol. It assists your development team to understand whom to approach in case of a challenge.

Furthermore, the reporting structure can help your team to understand communication patterns, decision channels and the interrelationship among different positions. Apart from this, a well designed reporting structure can help you clarify the functions of various employees, including the manager or managers they have to report, and the departments that they handle.

6. Ensure privacy during the development

Transparency in the usage of personal data involves providing information about what is being processed, by whom, why, and for how long. For clients to exercise their rights, software development companies must be open about their processing of personal data.

Apart from this, you need to provide sufficient resources for this task. Moreover, combining data protection with the development process is more effective and budget-friendly than changing existing pieces of software.

7. Ask for after-sales support

Generally, clients have a misconception that a software implementation is a once and for all solution. It’s not. After-sales support is as paramount as the functionality or quality of the software. That is why you should be clear about the after-sales services before assigning Vue.js development jobs.

After-sales support includes timely software updates, regular maintenance, timely and replacement of parts, etc. With customized business applications, it also considers scaling a solution.

Ensure that the company’s customer service personals remain on-call in case of any urgency even after the final delivery of product. Many SMEs that’s why opt for an annual contract with the developer company so that they won’t have to rush at the last hour.

Signing off

Hiring best developers for your Vue.js development is truly a significant challenge. It takes a lot of trial and error before you figure it out. If you are looking to hire dedicated Vue.js developers, then you need to do in-depth research. You need to hire only that software development team that can collaborate effectively to deliver the best results.

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