How to Increase Facebook Pages Likes

Today we are going to be taking you through a short crash course on how to increase Facebook pages likes like a real marketing pro. In essence and honestly speaking, there are no distinctive ways and/or clear-cut formulas for creating and sustaining hype around a Facebook page or group. In order to get your Facebook fans and followers interested and always glued calls on a varied mixture of stratagems which keep on changing.

How to Increase Facebook Pages Likes

According to research findings released by Statisticbrain, Facebook is the number one most used social media platform in the world. As of 2015, the study shows, Facebook had 1.374 billion accounts. Out of this whopping figure, it is estimated there are well over 890 million daily users, according to Reuters. Those figures make the hearts of social media marketers palpate with joy when they think of the tons of money and opportunity available at Facebook.

Humorous & Enlightening Updates:

The savvy social media gurus are always emphasizing on the need and on the importance of keeping it simple at all times. Use plain language and share funny content and the likes follow. Avoid being verbose and sounding all over the place because of posting everything and anything that pops up. Simply put, stick to your narrow niche and rest assured you will keep your fans happy and satisfied.

How to Increase Facebook Pages Likes post sharing

People are drawn to pages which are regularly sharing entertaining and enlightening info. It pays to carefully research and anticipate the needs of your fans and followers. Knowing what makes them tick and what excites them makes it much easier for you to increase the number of Facebook likes.

The more valuable the info you share the better your chances of transforming your Facebook page or group from a lackluster hub into a truly profitable space.

Take Polls & Be Consistent:

Another excellent tip on how to increase Facebook likes happens to be by using polls, Q&A’s and by mentioning your followers on the posts you publish. Engage your fans by mentioning them in your updates, your trivia’s and they will be more than delighted to answer you back while giving you a like at the same time.

How to Increase Facebook Pages Likes polls

It would also aid your course of getting more Facebook likes were you to have a website or a blog for your fans to visit and learn more about you and the stuff you have to offer.

How to Increase Facebook Pages Likes Using Gifts:

Offering freebies and gifts to your fans and followers never disappoints when it comes to gaining a rock star status for your pages. Make the winners feel special by mentioning them publicly and they will not just come back but they will also come with friends.

How to Increase Facebook Pages Likes gifts

Alternatively, especially for the lazy folks amongst us, here’s how to increase Facebook likes without moving a muscle. Users could promote their pages using CPM (costs Per Impressions) reached. It costs $1.5 per 1000 impressions. Or, they just boost particular posts and pay Facebook.

With that said, we are quite certain we have shed some light towards a better understanding of how to increase Facebook pages likes. We promise to keep on updating our esteemed followers on new and emerging means and ways to help them stay ahead of the curve so don’t you dare go anywhere.

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