How To Open And View Apple Emails In MS Outlook?

Apple Mail appears as the default email application of the Mac OS X based systems. With the Mac computer machines all over the market Apple Mail has attained high recognition amongst people. It is one of the known email applications with excellent features and work with any of the email servers with utter convenience. In addition to this, one can use any emailing client in order to collect data from Mac mail. It is also important to note that Apple Mail has the feature of sending and receiving data via Mac account. There are many reasons where users need to know the answer for the query such as how to open and view Apple Emails in MS Outlook?

Apple Mail is a known platform with extremely useful features. It offers immense of the outstanding functions which makes it unique amongst the other available emailing options. With the addition of Microsoft’s Active Sync technology, Apple Mail demand has increased immensely. This feature helps users to update the emails, calendars, contacts in MS Exchange server.

Default Location of Apple Mail File

Apple Mail is supportive of IMAP and POP3 accounts. The email messages stored in profile directory saved in the following location:

  • /Users/username/library/Mail

Apple mail are store its complete data in .mbox files but every single email will remain saved as .emlx file format. Thus if you want to migrate Apple emails in .emlx format into Outlook then you simply need to convert EMLX to PST file format. The converted PST file will then be imported in MS Outlook.

Why convert Apple EMLX Mails to PST File?

Undoubtedly, Apple Mail is a well known and one of the best Mac based email application as far as efficiency is concerned. But many users come across some or other hurdles while sending and receiving emails. There are so many users who even have to exit and then again start the application for downloading the messages. These are some of the causes behind for moving to some other email client. Apple Mail supports only few plugins. Due to ease with MS Outlook user eagerly wish to switch to MS® Outlook application.

MS Outlook is better than Apple Mail in every possible aspect. Outlook offers easy user interface with lot of the features and helps in providing easy emailing functions. With Outlook, one enjoys ease in managing contacts and calendars. These are some of the reasons, where users often wanted to make a switch. While moving to the Windows OS, the main query that users ask is How to open and view Apple Emails in MS Outlook? And the only method is to save the Apple Mail EMLX files into PST format and then open the PST within MS Outlook for windows or Mac Outlook 2011.

How to Convert Apple EMLX in Outlook PST format?

Since EMLX and PST are two entirely different file formats created by two different software giant; there is hardly any direct manual method possible which you can use to save EMLX into PST format. You need to go a lot set of process and invest ample time to carry out this migration manually. Thus it is always recommended to opt any reliable commercial tool one like EMLX to Outlook conversion tool. It allows you to export all your emails from Apple Mail into PST format and you can easily view them in MS Outlook.

This EMLX to PST Converter Software provides ease to convert Apple Mail files into PST and help you perform batch conversion without any risk of data loss. You can keep the folder structure maintained and convert complete data from Apple Mail to view it in MS Outlook for Windows or Mac as per your requirement.

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