How to Recover Data Files From A Damaged Virtual PC – Explored Here

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How to Recover Data Files From A Damaged Virtual PC – Hassle Free

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“Hello everyone I am using virtual machine (hyper-v) hosted on Windows 8 OS. The virtual machine runs Windows 10 OS 64 bit. It contains two partition system partition and data partition. The first volume holds folder which contains two hundreds of pictures. After installing the antivirus software. I ran it to clear useless files to speed up system. But I can’t access the folder after that cleaning completes. I created a snap shot last night, so I tried to recover the snapshot so that I can restore lost images. Unfortunately, the snapshot is corrupt and I can no longer access data from it. I’ve shut down the virtual machine, as I was told that lost files can be overwritten if I continue using it. Can anyone tell me how to recover data files from A damaged Virtual PC?”

Is it Possible to Recover Data Files From A Damaged Virtual PC

It is known for each and every users that damaged files can be restored from virtual hard drive before damaged files get overwritten. Virtual machine stores files same way as hard drive. Operating system keeps track of files stored on hard drive via file system, or specifically pointers.

When you delete a file from virtual disk, operating system deletes file details from pointer and marks sectors engaged by the file as available. In the point view of Windows OS, the file is no longer available for read or write actions, as it is has been deleted. However, in fact, the deleted file is still restorable before new data overwrites sectors containing deleted data.

How to Recover Data Files from A Damaged Virtual PC – Manually

If you lost your data files from Virtual machine and want to recover files from virtual machine. Then you should have to do these things that I mentioned below:

  1. You can recover your lost data files from virtual machine as soon as possible. Don’t save and delete any other files in your virtual machine otherwise once your file will overwritten then it recovery is impossible and you can’t recover your files at any cost.
  2. Once your files is lost from virtual machine you don’t have to waste your time by using manual methods. Because if you did any mistake your data files will deleted permanently and your never get your data back.
  3. Last but not the list always take backup of your important data.

Reasons Behind Data Files loss From Virtual Machine

These are the common reasons that virtual machine users faced there day to day life. These errors that I mentioned below:

  1. Corrupted VHD or VHDX files
  2. Hardware failures
  3. RAID issues
  4. Reformatted VHD or VHDX. This is a Data store that keeps every file that is associated with virtual computer volume
  5. Deleted virtual hard disk files

Recover Data Files from A Damaged Virtual PC by Using SysTools Software

Once you lose your data from from a damaged virtual PC you should try the best reliable SysTools VHD File Recovery Software. It is easy to use technical and non technical both users can use this tool. This software assured data recovery from corrupted, damaged, dismounted .vhd or .vhdx file partition. This tool has capability to recover data files from formatted VHD and VHDX partition. Users can recover healthy VHD or VHDX files with exact file name, file type, file size etc. Without installing virtual machine. You can recover corrupted data from VHD.

Steps to Recover Data Files From A Damaged Virtual PC

Please follow these steps to recover files from virtual machine that I mentioned below:

  1. Firstly download and install the software on your Windows PC How do I restore a VHD file
  2. After that click on open button from menu bar of the software recover files from virtual machine
  3. Now, click on browse button and select VHD or VHDX file recover files from virtual machine
  4. After choosing the VHD from list then, select the .vhd and hit on open button recover files from virtual machine
  5. Now software provides three data recovery option Quick, Advance, and Recover Deleted Partition. You can choose any one as per your requirement. recover deleted virtual machine
  6. After that you can view your all recovered folders and choose the required one and view complete data into right side of the software Window vmware restore virtual machine from vmdk
  7. Now click on the Save button from the software menu bar and give the location to save restored files. And finally, go to the location and preview damaged virtual PC data files in a healthy state. recover deleted virtual machine


Recover data files from a damaged virtual pc issue for each and every users. When a users it becomes difficult for him/her in an efficient way. Therefore, to help out all the users we have explained two different ways to recover files from virtual machine. However, to avoid catastrophic situations such as data loss, it is suggested to implement the trusted software.

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