How to Select the Best Bar POS System

Best Bar POS System

For any bar or nightclub, it is essential to have an ideal bar point-of-sale system that will help the store keep up with a unique, challenging, competitive, fast-paced, and crowded environment. To deliver excellent customer service and ensure a seamless guest experience, you will require the best nightclub POS system to help retail owners keep up with the rush.

Store owners can get detailed insights into their profit margins and better understand their customers and business with the help of suitable bar point-of-sale software. The right POS system will allow bar and nightclub staff to spend less time in front of the POS screen and more time in front of customers.  

If you are not using bar POS systems for your business, you will be losing money. An ideal point-of-sale system will help track your business and inventory, manage your ingredients’ costs, and reduce theft and pilferage costs. A bar POS system differs from a traditional point-of-sale system in that the functions and features are relevant to bar operations.  

What should be considered when selecting a bar point-of-sale system?  

The primary function of bar point-of-sale software is to streamline your routine operations and help you run your business hassle-free. Reliability is essential, especially when running a bar or a nightclub. Why? POS systems need to work efficiently all during the night hours.  

There are a lot of crucial factors that help you choose the best bar POS system. Besides price and features, it is essential to consider how the system will integrate with your current hardware and software and what support is available. Having a suitable POS system in place can help your business a lot. The required features and determined budget should also be considered while considering investing in a system. Never make the mistake of investing in a point-of-sale system.  

Below are some of the essential things that a point-of-sale system should provide to your nightclub or bar:  


Decide about the goals before you think about investing in a point-of-sale system. If you have a tight budget, go for a basic point-of-sale system. Whereas, if you are searching for a POS system that can perform complex transactions, you must research it properly.  


If a point-of-sale system crashes in the middle of a busy night, it will hugely impact your business. The results can be more than this: 

  • It can upset your customers, as they may find it hard to place an order for a drink, not be able to make a payment, etc.  
  • Training new employees and losing customers can impact your business in a negative way  
  • It will create hindrances for your employees in their work 

Manage Your Business 

Good point-of-sale software should help you know about your business happenings and manage them simultaneously. Ensure that the POS system includes business analytics and reporting. Ensuring this will help you gauge your establishment’s health and provide real-time reports.                                                  

Enhance Employee Satisfaction 

Employee satisfaction is something you must consider before investing in a bar point-of-sale system. A good POS system will make employees content and fulfilled, and they will stay loyal to the store for a long time and add value to the company.  

Quick Access to Top-Selling Drinks 

Every bar has a unique line of drinks that they sell repeatedly and are in high demand. This makes a bar unique and is why people return to them often. Your POS system should allow you to prioritize the top-selling drinks that are popular at your bar. It will help the bar staff quickly access them with a simple click.  

24/7 Customer Support 

Your point-of-sale system must be reliable. As your bar or nightclub will likely be open late into the night, ensure that your point-of-sale system offers 24/7 customer support by an authorized POS provider or dealer. Therefore, you can have peace of mind, which comes with customer support in your POS system.  

Payment Processing  

There might be a few technical issues, like internet outrages, that can affect your business’s performance. It can impact the ability to accept card payments from customers. If the internet fails, it can lead to long customer lines and a huff of dissatisfied customers.  


As POS integration enables business owners to use various tools by allowing application integration, the point-of-sale system must support it. Instead of splitting your time among other tasks, applications are synced up and ready to go instantly.  

In-depth Reporting 

Get an easy-to-understand overview of your business. A dashboard should help you track KPIs like transactions, net sales, etc. You should be able to get in-depth insights into any business aspect like, tracking sales volume product-wise. With detailed reports, you can get an idea of your business’s performance and make decisions accordingly. While this was about selecting the best bar POS systems, now we will discuss bar POS hardware and software.  

Bar POS Hardware 

You can either choose to buy or lease bar POS hardware components. Industry experts advise against leasing, which can result in lengthy contracts that are non-cancellable. Consider including peripherals like barcode scanners, bar control devices, scales, etc.  

Bar POS Software 

The load and size of your bar will depend on which type of point-of-sale system is ideal for your business. You can opt for cloud-based POS software due to its accessibility and affordability.   

How is a bar POS system beneficial? 

There are many reasons why the bar POS system is widespread and sought-after by bar owners. It helps streamline different processes, frees time for your staff, and helps in business expansion. From complete inventory control to speeding up orders, here are some essential benefits of using a point-of-sale system for your bar.    

  • Decreases costs from heavy pours  
  • Automate ordering  
  • Speed up bartender ordering  
  • Manage staff schedules and access to the POS system  

Final Words 

You can successfully run a bar by investing in a high-quality point-of-sale system. It will help you manage your business in a hassle-free way, deliver excellent customer service, have high profit margins, and expand your business. Ready to learn more about the benefits your bar can experience with FTx POS? Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation and experience a demo. We are thrilled to assist you in your pursuit of improved efficiencies and profitability. 

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