Will human androids replace graduates in future job market?

Android: robots replace human jobs

Many of us have grown up watching TV shows and movies in which the protagonist or the antagonist was an android. While these tropes have far since become cliché and overused, we have stopped wondering what the implications of such beings existing in the real world might be.

Could you imagine working with or for an android? A humanoid robot with artificial thoughts, feelings, and desires created by a program sounds ludicrous in today’s world, but what about tomorrow? Will androids replace our college graduates and professionals in the job market of tomorrow?

Thinking ahead of time

There are a lot of questions concerning androids developing sufficiently in order to replace living, breathing human beings. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration before making a statement about the future development of humanoid androids and their involvement in everyday society.

Firstly, what kind of tasks do we expect them to conduct exactly? Androids of today are productive in doing factory work. It doesn’t require a lot of mental ability to be conducted. Androids are smart, but they are not able to think the way humans do. That makes them a pretty suicidal machine in the long run. They can keep pouring wine even though the glass is already full.

This is what separates humans from androids, and we can already see patterns forming with today’s androids. They are able to mimic human emotion, expression, and reaction, but without a clear pattern of what to do, when to do it and how, they are hopeless. Do we really want machines that are unable to improvise deciding about our lives tomorrow?

They might be air traffic controllers, bus drivers or even data analysts, but they will never be able to replace human instinct, reaction, and experience. They do not learn the way we do. Androids can lead to catastrophic consequences for whatever job placement they are holding instead of their human counterpart.

The other side of the coin

Creating androids capable of doing things that our kids need half of their lives to learn is a terrifying thought. An android has an update to the latest software, while a real human might need years or decades to become a professional at their job. So where does that leave us? What role do we have in this advanced society where androids might do everything instead of us?

The truth is that androids will need us as much as we will need them. They are unlikely to ever evolve on their own like we did hundreds of thousands of years ago. This means that we will always have to maintain them and let them evolve or devolve based on our needs. For example, we will always need professionals who are writers and creative – people at MyEssaysLab have proven that you need years of experience to be good at paper writing. The society might need more engineers who don’t think but act quickly and analytically – creating a couple hundred androids with that thought in mind will help us rebalance the economy.

This is a utopian scenario where we learn to use androids to the benefit of the human kind. We are a race of explorers. Once we have explored something, we celebrate and then move on to explore further, leaving previous discoveries behind.

What does the future hold once we get tired of androids and their perfections? Graduates might think superior worker will replace them who is better, while the truth is quite different. Androids might be good for short spans of time and fairly simple job operations. Humans should do everything else.

Sharing the future

College graduates have dedicated significant portions of lives pursuing certain career goals. They can shape the future we will live in tomorrow.

College graduates of tomorrow will learn to coexist and learn from androids. Life as we know it will change; it keeps changing every day as we speak. What matters is that we should always look ahead on a positive note and be grateful for all the technological advancements available to us.

In the end

All of these technologies we may use to our benefit. Who’s to say that androids won’t develop become friends, acquaintances or even partners in some cases? We can only dream about the future and do our best to prepare when it finally comes around.

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