Human Resource Management & Big Data – What’s the Connect?

The ever-evolving technology has touched almost all the sectors of corporate world and Human Resource Department is no exception. This evolving technology has led to the generation of huge amount of data, which can either be a junk or useful. But for that, organizations need professionals who are adept in handling Big Data that pours from all the corners and can be either structured or unstructured.

Human Resource Management & Big Data – What’s the Connect?

While the business houses need certified Big Data professionals, the need for human resource management to hire candidates with Big Data Certification also became important.

HR professionals, world over realized if they want to retain their top talent, and also attract, and recruit some new talent then they need help of Big Data. Let’s understand what is the connect between human resources management and Big Data and how Big Data is changing the way HR department works.

Big Data can help ease out numerous HR functions and provide much-needed guidance while making important decisions related to employees. HR professionals can use Big Data to evaluate and thus enhance regular practices like recruitment, training & development, performance, compensation including the overall performance of businesses. 

But how do HR professionals convert all the unstructured data and reach a solution?

The major way to do that is by hiring an HR professional with not just HR certification but also with Big Data certification. Organizations can hire either two candidates or one candidate with two important certifications. An HR professional with Big Data certification will be a rare to come along. (Your chance to grab the opportunity, if you seek a career in human resource management and have a big data certification).

To convert the data into useful information, an HR professional needs to follow three important steps including –

  1. Predictive Analysis: One of the useful steps to predict the future based on the past data. This step is quite important to not only attract new talent but also retain the existing employees.
  2. Monitoring the data: This is where HR professionals can get the answers to whys and hows of the situation for instance why is attrition rate increasing, or how can employees be engaged positively in the organization.
  3. Reporting the results: Again a useful step where the HR professionals outline the findings in a clear, crisp manner so as to study it and avoid future pitfalls.

Big Data can also help in the regular HR metrics like recruitment, compensation, training the workforce among other things. With the help of Big Data in HR, organizations are able to

  • Analyze and forecast smartly to make accurate and insightful decisions.  
  • Measure efficiencies in a better way
  • Identify the blind spots in the management and answer the important questions related to employees’ performance
  • Predict attrition rates
  • Last but definitely not the least, identify the potential leaders

The biggest advantage of Big Data to Human Resources Management is that HR professionals are now able to increase revenues through better understanding and accurate customer targeting. They are also able to cut costs by improving business processes and insightful decisions.

This apart, here are five other ways Big Data impacts human resource management and ensures that HR professionals are well-versed with Big Data technology.

  1. Hiring process is more streamlined. With the help of Big Data, HR professionals are able to gather the important data related to salaries, benefit packages and other things relatively easy. This is in turn allows organizations to make better hiring decisions. 
  2. There is a rise in employee motivation and engagement. With the help of Big Data, HR professionals know when employees are demotivated and disengaged. And what can be done to motivate them again and reengaged them.
  3. HR professionals are able to do optimum resource utilization. Big Data has helped HR professionals in utilizing their resources correctly thus ensuring smoother day-to-day operations.  
  4. There is an enhanced employee retention. With the help of big data HR professionals are able to gather what will make an employee stay back and how can they ensure reduced attrition rate and increased employee retention.
  5. HR professionals are able to predict the future and thus take decisions that support not only organizational growth but also helps employees to grow as well.

Big Data and Human Resource Management complement each other really well and ensure that organization is not only able to fulfill its goals but also grows and develops to beat the competition.

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