In the First Martian Trailer, Matt Damon Is Left on Mars

We are welcoming the producer and director Ridley Scott and I don’t think so that it is too early to welcome him. It is not because this is the first trailer of his science fiction based movie. It is because of his hardworking and his name. No doubt the trailers look great, amazing and get the attention of viewers.

In the First Martian Trailer, Matt Damon Is Left on Mars

The trailers show the basic story of Martin’s. He made this movie after getting inspiration from the novel. The Martians cast in the movie are the Jessica Chastain, Michael Pena and Kate Mara as the crew of the Damon’s ship. We see the Matt Damon in the movie acting as the titular Martian American astronaut Mark Watney.

He is the part of the crew and that of a mission of Mars. They all go on Mars for a specific mission and come back when the mission goes badly. Matt Damon is a character who remains there during a massive storm when his crew fled away on the surface.

He supposed to be dead but he can’t give up his breathe easily he have to fight as the space man do and can’t go down without doing this. He has to face the death and surely make it fail to die. He was looking for the way to reach the NASA but he found no ways. He wants to inform NASA that he is alive and looking for his way. He was sure that whenever he did this they will not let him die and will surely come for his help.

He attempted to do just that. His has no way to do this and even no fertile soil and can survive for 31 days only or might be more 5 or 6 days. He has no more choice except to science the shit just to get out of this. After all his tries he finds a way to phone home and summon a search party. This movie looks like it has everything we could want in a science fiction epic.

It is possibly the most motivated movie which has a long term effect on viewers. Through this movie Ridley Scott simply woken up from the nap which he started taking during 2005’s. It shows the belief of a person that through his will he can defeat the fate. Hope this movie will give the good lesson for others.

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