5 Ways Intranet Help Improve Collaboration in the Workplace

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Social Intranet Software – Intranet solutions have evolved over the years to become more than filing systems. Today, they are helping organizations create a collaborative work environment where each employee contributes to achieving business objectives. Irrespective of their locations, members from different teams of a company are using an intranet’s features. To communicate with each other and also share or retrieve knowledge.

Empowering the connected collaboration, intranet software solutions are bringing transparency in offices. And also encouraging people to contribute to the business and to achieve common goals. They work as modern social intranet software that comes with useful, exciting features for communication and also knowledge sharing.

When it comes to collaboration, an intranet platform does more than just enable employees to communicate with each other.

Below are some ways the software solution improves collaboration in the workplace.

1.      It Breaks Down Communication Barriers

Today, when businesses have gone global, an intranet works as a private network. That helps develop a connection between a company’s employees in different branches. Using collaboration features of the platform, they can communicate and share knowledge on one network. Also, they can collaborate for projects and also work simultaneously on them, while sitting miles away from their colleagues.

2.      It Makes Easy to Share Information

In addition to enabling employees to communicate with each other, irrespective of their locations, the intranet software solution makes it easy for users to share information or retrieve knowledge shared by others on the platform. Authorized employees can access files saved over the network and make the required changes in them.

In the presence of an intranet solution, employees don’t need to use emails or other apps for data they need for their projects. Workers can use this feature of the software to collect information they require for their tasks, while team leaders can make use of the platform to give feedback to their team members.

3.      It helps Create Engaging Content

Unlike the intranet a few years ago, modern solutions are social intranet software systems that are fun and useful at the same time. Authorized members can post content on the network, while others can access it or post comments or queries. The best intranet solution works similar to a social media platform that people like to operate.

From creating meeting notes to marketing campaign plans and informational blogs. There are many things that users can do on the network to offer engaging content to others.

4.      It Makes ‘Searching’ Easy

According to several studies, employees spend a huge portion of their work routine in finding the information they require for their project. The best intranet software is equipped with the search feature. That enables employees to look for content over a centralized network and find it easily using file names or hashtags.

Authorized members can also use the search feature to find employees work on a project and reach out to them for information.

5.      It Helps Promote a Transparent Culture

A social intranet platform works as a centralized system that brings employees on a common platform to work as one unit. All of them can use the network’s features or reach their team members. To collaborate and work together for common goals. In this way, they develop trust in each other and be loyal to their workplace objectives.


The modern social intranet software is a powerful collaboration platform. That helps get people together on a common network where they work as one team to achieve common organizational objectives. If you are looking for a powerful and also customizable intranet. Software for your needs, then GreenOrbit has the perfect product for all your needs!

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