How to Decide between iOS and Android for Designing a Mobile Application

iOS or Android?

This topic is something that has no relevant answer. This is a never ending discussion. If we talk about Android and iOS, both the operating systems are performing incredibly well. Be it from the user’s point of view or from the app development point of view, both the Operating Systems are working amazingly awesome.

How to Decide between iOS and Android for Designing a Mobile Application

Discussing the Pros and Cons of iOS

Positive side of iOS

  1. iOS is the first to receive any application: In spite of the fact that iOS has a very small market of its own but it is the first platform that receives any application first. Whatever the situation in the mobile market is, Apple will always rule the hearts of many people.
  2. Strict policies: Apple follows strict policy rules for designing its applications. This is mainly to keep the level of their applications always higher. You have to follow all the guidelines if you want to see your application in the Apple store.
  3. The apps for iOS are highly usable: iOS is said to be extremely good as compared to any other OS and also the overall UX will not change from which the users are familiar with.
  4. Quality hardware is used: iOS is only available on few devices and apple has maintained its standards with those devices and makes people feel good with extremely well made and reliable applications.

Some negative points about iOS

  1. Lack of customization: Because of the strict rule policy and the fact that iOS is not available for free it becomes very difficult to customize things in iOS.
  2. Few options are available: If you want too many options for screen size, it is your hard luck that Apple does not provide variations with screen size.

Now is the turn for Android OS: Pros and Cons about Android

Good Reasons to choose Android over iOS

  1. Variety of devices: Android is an operating system that is available free of cost and hence it is compatible with a large number of phones. Android phones are available in different shapes, sizes, colours and lots more. This is the reason that is making Android to be on the same level with that of iOS.
  2. Highly Customizable: Android devices are easily available and also applications made on this OS are highly customizable because of its free availability. Changes are easily accessible on Android.
  3. Versatile Software: Android is not only restricted to phones and tablets. Android is used for controlling various numbers of devices.

Negative side of Android

  1. No guarantee of quality: The only problem with Android is that it is available freely and is compatible with every single device. Therefore Android does not provide any guarantee of quality.
  2. App Quality: Because there are almost no restrictions and rules for dealing with the applications. Hence it does not guarantee any application.

Now if one is planning to design an application it is better to go for iOS applications because the steps followed by iOS developers are highly specific and stringent. Also they have a large market share and restricted policies that will force you to design better iOS apps and will provide you better ROI.

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