Is A Luxurious Lifestyle The Only Measure Of Success?

The world of glitz and glamour seduces mankind in throngs and in a world where objective standpoints are equally powerful rivals of subjective perspectives, the line between internal happiness and to surround yourself with what you assume might make you happy is quite blurred.

Is A Luxurious Lifestyle The Only Measure Of Success

However, that doesn’t mean that striving for an elegant, glamorous life is something immoral or unethical. If anything, there are so many reasons why it’s rightfully glorified.

Some people work so hard their entire lives and come up with ingenious ideas to step out of their mediocre standard of living or to make a name for themselves. Naturally, when you work hard for something, and you reap the reward for it, you want to show to people how proud you are of yourself for not giving up. And, people that want the best for you are proud of you as well. There’s a huge culture now to encourage people to work hard and focus on doing what they love so that they too can achieve a posh lifestyle. It has given so many people a purpose in life.

Tons of Instagrammers post pictures of their fabulous cars, their grand mansions and pictures from traveling to exotic places in the world. There are very notable Youtubers like MoVlogs, ProducerMichael, Alux, etc that are dedicated to providing insights of how the rich live their life and what they’ve amassed over the years. For example, Michael Blakey (ProducerMichael is his youtube channel) visits mansions worth millions of dollars, finds out what the most elite jewelry stores have to offer, and because he’s a tycoon in the business world along with being the president of two major recording labels – he blogs his beautiful car, watch collection and he even has a jet! Hard work and dedication towards whatever you set your mind to is essential and it’s such a motivating thing.

However, luxury does not necessarily guarantee happiness. There are many individuals out there that find solace in different areas of life like religion, a dream job, serving their country, having a beautiful and loving family life and so much more of the simpler things in life. Now don’t get me wrong, money is crucial to achieve a decent standard of living and pay for everyday expenses and the responsibilities that one bears as an adult. So there’s no sin in wanting a decent wage or salary for the hours you’re investing.

In fact, there is a lot vanity surrounding people that are so blindly consumed by the glistening of rubies that their morality and humanity become hazy. Children get pressured from a very young age to think about how many dollars they can bring home instead of being guided towards a more internally enlightening path. Nevertheless, as we have seen, those that live luxuriously and have supercars have worked their way up to that echelon and just because we see what’s pretty, doesn’t mean we get the liberty to assume that the pathway was easy for everyone too.

The ultimate goal in life should be the best human being you can be, and you’re entitled to having your ambitions and goals, whatever they may be if you feel like they are what will assure you of peace and happiness.

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