Is Watching Movies on Couchtuner Legal or Illegal?

When it comes to free online streaming, Couchtuner is the very site that pops into our minds. Sporting an impressively large collection of movies and TV shows alike it is a popular choice of many. 

Is Watching Movies on Couchtuner Legal or Illegal?

In addition to that, it brings to your fingertips all the latest TV shows and movies and that too in superb quality which is a feast to your tired mind. With being ultimately free of cost, people prefer it considering it to be easy on the pocket. However, with the site recently facing bans, one obvious question that has sprung up is whether couchtuner is legal or illegal. 

Is couchtuner illegal?

Couchtuner allows us to stream content online. Albeit it may seem to be an innocent task but it is downright illegal. Primarily as the content available for streaming is pirated. It is not there following a copyright permission to display content and the site hasn’t paid any fees for broadcasting TV shows. 

Therefore, couchtuner may seem like a hero but it is still more of a vigilante! No matter how handy it is for those who can’t really bear with pricey Netflix, Hulu and other subscriptions, couchtuner content is illegal. And therefore, streaming illegal or pirated content is again considered illegal. 

This activity, although may seem innocent, is an act of piracy and many countries have it forbidden. Many studios and movie makers have tried to have the site shut down . Apart from that, heavy fines and punishments are there in place in various countries. Some countries may even leave to pay fines while there is upto five years of imprisonment for some countries. 

However, there are also a handful of countries that have no punishments in place for pirated activities. But even in that case, your ISP monitors your activity and throttles your internet connection making streaming movies and TV shows a nightmare.  

How to stream couchtuner?

Although we are strictly against illegal activity and in no way promote it, streaming couchtuner through a VPN can protect you from such issues.VPNs encrypt your data and allow you to get past ISP throttling. They also mask your IP address and give you a pseudo location allowing you to stay anonymous online. 

Moreover, as couchtuner allows streaming of pirated content, most country’s ISPs have a strict check. Imposing strict restriction, the whole website is banned by most ISPs depriving everyone of the right of streaming the site. 

In such cases, VPNs again come in handy. As they hide the web traffic from ISPs so they are unable to throttle or block the site. Also, VPNs allow users to change to their location and thus making bypassing geographical restriction easy. 

Apart from that ISPs as a way of equalizing bandwidth tend to throttle connection of those users that are streaming or using torrent sites. This explains why at times streaming content takes up time “buffering” or comes up in a disrupted quality. In such cases again, VPNs come in handy as they encrypt user traffic ensuring ISPs are unable to monitor traffic. Thi way VPNs help bypass ISP throttling.

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