Is Jon Snow Really Dead in Game of Thrones???

Game of Thrones of the most popular and leading serial that has broken records in numerous things. One of the most popular one is killing the main and leading roles. It is a massive spoiler alert so those who haven’t seen the season 5 yet kindly close their eyes.

Is Jon Snow Really Dead???

Once again at the end of the season 5 a most famous and rising character was killed by the director. We are talking about none other than John Snow. Fans were dejected when a fan preferred was killed off during the exciting season five finale of Game of Thrones.

But a stimulating new fan theory proposes that Jon Snow may have not really met his decease. After the finale episode numerous theories rise as the fans are not ready to leg go John Snow.

According to the Media Specialists:

“While it may appear like Sunday’s episode presented Jon’s final minute but a minority of fan theories and signs from the books propose otherwise. Jon might come back ultimately but the twist is whether he returns in another bodily form or becomes revived. He also might have endured the stabbing among other wild likelihoods.”

Jon was superbly offed after being knifed in the gut by associated companions The Night’s Watch member Alliser Thorne. The main thrill of Game of Thrones is we never really know when a character is dead on the show except of course their head is cut off or they’re stabbed in the back.

Maybe Season 6 or 7 will reveal that Jon survived the stabbing after all. Fans trusts there was a altering of color in Jon’s eyes as the camera shoot up in closer to his face like the man who controls beasts.  Numerous have recommended the color of his eyes really turned to Targaryen purple much like Emilia Clarke’s character.

But the Kit the rising star who is 28 claims that he is not coming back. “I’ve been said I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m not coming back next season. Don’t bring unnecessary imagination. So that’s all I can tell you, really.”

His 28-year old co-star remains much more positive or to tease the audience as she told media there’s some very cooperative persons there who could bring him on back to life. Game of Thrones die-hards will have fairly a lot of theories about Jon Snow’s chance as the series is set to arrive for season six in the spring of 2016.

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