Jennifer Lawrence Promotes Her New Movie in a Sheer Dress

The young actress took people’s’ breath away when she exposed her sheer dress at Sony’s presentation of the movie. Jennifer Lawrence looked very graceful on Tuesday while she was promoting her new movie ‘Passengers.’

Jennifer Lawrence Promotes Her New Movie in a Sheer Dress

The actress, however, unwittingly exposed more than she would otherwise have when she was posing for at CinemaCon 2016 at Sony’s presentation in Las Vegas.

Lawrence wore a black sheer top made of a flimsy material. Apparently, the exquisite star was feeling remorse at not wearing something underneath the top. The powerful lights rendered the garment of the top almost see-through.

Despite this mishap, the 25 year old actress and Oscar winner exuded confidence when she posed backstage. Her skirt was paneled while the heels were strappy and beaded adding a boho touch to her overall look. She had chosen to pin her locks off the face.

She was accompanied by Chris Pratt who is her co-star in Passengers. The pair was seen taking about the science fiction film with great enthusiasm.

The movie is scheduled to release by the end of this year. Chris Pratt was wearing dark jeans and a checkered shirt. It was layered on a waistcoat and blazer. A newspaper reported that the people present during the event were highly impressed by the brief preview of the new movie revealed during the event.

Both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are playing the roles of volunteers in the movie who take on a journey to a distant colony in space with their bodies put inside hibernation pods.

Things take an ugly turn when these hibernation pods suddenly open in mid way and the two volunteers are left stranded on the spaceship far away from their intended destination.

The movie is directed by Oscar-nominated director Morten Tyldum who is known for creating ‘The Imitation Game.’ Sony is hoping that ‘Passengers’ will be a blockbuster.

Jennifer Lawrence had started her career with television. Later, she switched to the movie and landed a role in ‘winter’s Bone’ which was an independent drama movie.

She received widespread acclaim for her role in this film. Her position in Hollywood was further strengthened by such movies as ‘X-Men First Class’ and ‘The Hunger Games.

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