Kashi Vishwanath express: What Should Passengers Know?

Indian railways are the backbone of India and it is needless to say that most of the people of all classes travel by trains. Trains in India connect all the places, no matter metro cities, towns or villages. The best thing is that the rates of tickets are absolutely reasonable and the comfort catered is applicable. Of course, even if you look into the advancements in the Indian railways, it has been pretty amazing.

Kashi Vishwanath express

Have you ever travelled by Kashi Vishwanath express? Well, this is a popular regular mail train. It runs in between Gorakhpur and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus across the nation. It has been running with train numbers 15017 and 15018. The full distance that the train covers is one thousand seven hundred eight kms. Running with a normal speed of forty seven km/hour, the train takes thirty six hours and around thirty to thirty five minutes to cover the distance. Train named 15017 leaves LTT at 06:35 hours and it reaches Gorakhpur on second day of the travel at 19:10 hours. Speaking of the Train numbered 15018 leaves Gorakhpur at 05:30 hours and it reaches LTT at 18:05 hours on the second day of journey. You can easily get to know about 15018 Kashi Vishwanath expresses route and timetable through online platforms with your PNR number or otherwise.

During the journey, there are about seventy places where the train halts. To name a few of the many major places that the train halts at are like Nasik, Thane,  the city of Kalyan, Bhusaval, Jal Gaon, Khandwa, Banapura, Harda, Gadarwara, Itarasi, Allahabad, Varanasi, Bhatni and so on. On these halts, the train stops for around fifteen to twenty minutes of journey and at other stoppages; it halts for about two to five minutes. The train also has a good frequency as it runs on all the days in the week from both sides. The train has twenty one coaches which make it quite easy to get tickets.  You would mostly get the ticket in this train but yes, if it is a festive season then you have to be really quick in your booking.

Safety and cleanliness

The train is good in terms of safety and cleanliness. The compartments stay clean mostly and the safety is good too. There are hardly any complains of any wrong doings or crimes on this train. Proper attention is taken to these aspects and the security is alert too.

Is there pantry?

Well, unfortunately there is no pantry on this train but passengers can easily order the food online. yes, if you have an idea about this facility then you know what it is but if you do not know; e-catering is a facility that allows you to get the food right in your compartment that too fresh , hot and sealed. You can place the order and the food would get delivered to you on the next station.  In this way you get fresh and good food on the train.


Thus, if you haven’t done your booking for this train yet, go ahead and do it. The track record of this train is pretty good and satisfying.

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