Kendall Jenner is the Rudest Pregnant Woman

Talk about getting into the theme! Kendall Jenner fit right in at Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy-themed birthday party on Oct. 21 by sporting a fake baby bump and, naturally, looked like the hottest pregnant woman ever! Kendall Jenner was pretending to be a pregnant woman and in acting so she was looking so implausible. If this is any indication of what the supermodel will look like when she’s expecting a child someday, girl has nothing to worry about.

Kendall Jenner is the rudest pregnant woman

An excellent proves that Kendall will be the sexiest pregnant woman is the Kim Kardashian’s birthday party that was held on 21st of October.

Besides looking gorgeous in a ripped-up tee and high-waisted white skirt, the 19-year-old cradles her fake belly for the camera, while seductively sticking her backside out and resting her other hand on her lower back.

With her hair pulled back into a ponytail, Kendall shows off a fresh-faced look and gives the camera a sultry stare she was looking super-hot. Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West decided a birthday theme that everyone among the guest must wear “pregnant Kim” outfit which Kanye himself presented them at the door.

The rapper plan was very successful as the specially provided outfits, the Kim’s eight months pregnant tummy wasn’t looking so enormous besides this he also amazed and surprised Kim.

“My husband never ceases to amaze me,” Kim wrote on Instagram. “He rented out an entire movie theater to screen the news Steve Jobs (It’s soooo good BTW) and had all of my family & close friends come dressed up as their best pregnant Kim look (fake baby bumps provided on arrival!) Not sure if that was to make me feel less huge or just a fun cool theme but I loved it & had the best time ever, feeling so comfortable eating churros with a bunch of pregnant women! Just what I needed, the perfect chill yummy food birthday!!!!!” such review from Kim clearly shows that she enjoyed the theme very much.

With Lamar Odom, recovering in the hospital after an alleged drug overdose and four-day coma, it’s been a stressful time for the Kardashian family, so it made sense for the event to be somewhat low-key.

While Khloe Kardashian stayed with her husband, yep, they called off the divorce! At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the rest of the ladies in the family showed up to Kim’s bash.

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