Keto Diet: 10 Facts You Have to Know

Do you want to drop those extra pounds that have been with you for a long time? Or, do you want to commit to a healthy lifestyle? If you do, the Keto diet is a great option.

keto diet

This particular diet plan and its varieties have become popular for a lot of reasons. Research shows that it can help prevent and treat health conditions. Aside from weight loss, people following the Keto diet also spoke about the improvements they’ve experienced with their overall wellness.

If you’ve considered following this diet, here are the ten facts you need to keep in mind:

Keto diet ingredients don’t have to be expensive.

It’s common for people to associate diets with high-priced ingredients. But this isn’t true for the Keto diet.

You just need to understand how this works and choose foods that suit your nutritional requirements. Carbs, for instance, are fillers usually consumed to feel fuller. But with Keto, you can replace carbs with fresh veggies, cheese, and meat. These foods are naturally more filling than carbs, allowing you to save on your grocery expenses.

You have to make it a long-term habit and lifestyle.

It’s important to have the right mindset before following a diet plan. Are you in it just for the weight loss? If you are, there’s a tendency for you to gain back what you’ve lost if you haven’t learned the principles of healthy eating by heart.

Before you begin, aim to achieve long-term health. Then, commit to making healthy eating a lifestyle in your lifetime.

Keto diet helps alleviate or recover from many health conditions.

Evidence from case studies suggests that the Keto diet can help treat many health conditions. Specifically, the classic keto diet, which gives 4 times more fat than carbs and protein combined, is proven to help reduce seizure frequency.

The weight loss associated with this diet plan also helps people manage diabetes and recover from obesity.

You can feel a significant boost in your brainpower and energy.

Unhealthy foods do not contain vitamins and nutrients the body can use. This can result in uneasiness, low energy, slow brain function, and other health conditions.

With the Keto diet, your meals and snacks consist mainly of fresh fruits and veggies with some dairy products. With these foods, your brain and body will be powered with ketones from the liver, instead of the usual glucose from carbs. In the long run, you’ll feel a significant improvement in your energy levels and brain power.

Weight loss is usually faster for those with lots of weight to drop.

You can drop 2-10 pounds on the first week of your Keto diet. Why? The extra pounds consist mainly of water. And you’ll easily release this weight due to a reduced intake of carbs.

You’re free to customize your Keto diet.

Experts suggest it’s best to customize your Keto diet depending on food availability.

Your menu can also depend on your preferences, especially those with allergic reactions. And for people who are on the Keto diet for health reasons, it’s best to consult an expert for a dietician- or doctor-approved meal plan.

It’s normal to experience Keto flu, but you can avoid it.

During your first few weeks on Keto, you might experience fatigue, headaches, and dizziness. These are the symptoms of Keto flu.

Although this is normal, you can avoid these conditions by drinking lots of water. Doing so also helps supply you with enough electrolytes. Also, find time to exercise. Like all lifestyle adjustments, your body will get used to your new eating habits and preferences in no time.

Practicing intermittent fasting can enhance the results of the Keto diet.

Intermittent fasting speeds up your metabolism. And when done with the Keto diet, your body will use body fat as a source of energy. This means you can achieve a leaner build faster. With these two eating techniques, you basically become a fat-burning machine.

Taking supplements is important

While on the Keto diet, you’re required to let go of other food options. This can lead to nutrient deficiency. But with the right supplements, you can still nourish your body without eating too much.

Ideally, take magnesium supplements to support the immune system and control blood sugar levels. Take Omega-3 Fatty Acids to reduce inflammation. Have vitamin D supplements to facilitate calcium absorption. And don’t forget to take electrolyte supplements to avoid dehydration.

You need to prepare your own foods.

Be ready and eager to cook your own foods. You’ll have better control with your meals when you do.

It is challenging to find a restaurant serving Keto-friendly meals. If you can find any, it’s possible that it costs a lot.

To have more freedom with your food, buy your own ingredients. Learn to experiment in your kitchen by cooking your own meals. Just be sure to consult a Keto expert first to create the appropriate meal plan for you.

Those who’ve tried the Keto diet can testify that taking this route to healthy eating isn’t much of a struggle. In fact, many actually consider it appetizing. If you’ve been doing your best to lose weight or cope with a health condition, you might like to give the Keto diet a try.

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