Kim Kardashian Reveals Shocking Reason of Her Not Smiling in the Selfies

Kanye West has stated he does feels a positive vibes to smile during the photo session, however his beloved spouse face some more serious issues. As allowing to the reality star Kim Kardashian the main reason is behind this seriousness is that online opponents have presented some criticism on her different aspects of life, this thing directly effect on her smile that’s why she likes to look serious in photos.

Kim Kardashian reveals shocking reason of her not smiling in the Selfies

According to our sources:

In the course of an interview with a magazine, the Kardashian tsarina exposed that her first pregnancy move toward with pre-eclampsia, triggering her to puff up. The result was an exceptional swing of sarcasm and condemnation about her weight.

Kim Kardashian definitely gets a lot of heat for her weight expansion during the time of her first pregnancy which was seen openly on social media and in the conventional media in all delicate way.

A common perception was woman if gain a few pounds while she is pregnant and is making a way for a new little life is generally acceptable. In Kim case seeing her from a distance was truly sad and hurting and nobody can say that how she is feeling right now.

By now it’s clear to everyone that the Kardashian-Jenner family is pursued by paparazzi but you can say that Kim makes sure that she always gets the public attention in her progress.

The problem of Kim not smiling in front of camera is clear which her broken heart is allowing her to do so. Now the reality star has exposed this saying that painful, fat-shaming remarks have directed her to change her entire attitude.

Despite of social media, in the newest issue of different magazine she clearly argued some of the remarks focused at her on her pregnancy as she was pregnant with North. Kim feels it was the worst as people are not stopping taunting on her personal life during her crucial and important time. General remarks said that most comments per revolve around her nonstop eating which make her to 180 to 210 pounds.

According to a statement released by the Kim media corresponded: “Before this I was very happy and was continuously smiling and care a lot about what is coming to her.

But after the baby I think people changed their opinion about me. These people once love me and now they are making fun of me and are posting the stories that were as horrible as calling me fat for somewhat I couldn’t control.”

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