Kim Kardashian’s New Wax Figure a Photo Bomb

Kim Kardashina is one of the few reality stars that never left the spot light of the social media. Now a new chapter of fame is coming toward Kim. Madame Tussauds London revealed a $230,846 wax figure of Kim in her most renowned past-time action taking a selfie.

Kim Kardashian’s New Wax Figure a Photo bomb

A remarkable posture of Kim is presented in front of the fans. This is the first of its kind for the attraction and it has acquired a lot of buz. Kim Kardashian new photo bomb is seem to ready of her famous selfies.

The star is also excited and has revealed today that she has yet another wax figure that has been made and is displayed for the public to enjoy. With this guests can get to take a selfie with the reality TV star with different backgrounds.

All they have to do is stand near the star, slowdown a suitable pose and then pressing the button an actual photo will be taken from the device in the wax figures hand. You could also take a selfie with Kim, but photo bombing would be so much more fun.

The figure at Madame Tussaud’s in London sorts to show Kim from her famous girl’s night out in Paris right before her extravagant wedding to hubby Kanye West in Italy.

The background always variants so your selfie with Kim doesn’t essentially have to be in Paris. Madame Tussauds said Kim’s backdrop is always varying following to her golden rule of taking no more than three selfies in one location.

Most of the fans and public do not know that Kim has a 3 image rule which shapes that no more than 3 selfies can be taken in the similar location and even this was taken into reason.

The figure is located in front of a screen which modifies scenery after 3 photos have been taken so it is necessary that they don’t break the sanctified Kardashian rule.

Madame Tussauds told Kim that we’re glad you like your new wax figure and she is welcome to come and visit any time and that’s a real phone waxy Kim is holding so people can take breathtaking pictures with her.

This is clearly not the first time Kim has gotten waxed but this one is different in every possible way from the other better than 2010 wax figure which shows the celeb astounding a cleavage-baring, skin-tight red dress and her famed long dark locks.

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  • Really? A wax figure? That is a head scratcher. What will they think of next, Caitlin Jenner?