Know about Some Unique Styles of Wedding Photography in Delhi NCR

Everyone likes good pictures and these days there are quite a few fantastic wedding photographers who take wonderful pictures and they ensure that your pictures do not just look beautiful, but suggest a different emotion. Planning photography for a wedding isn’t an easy thing. One has to dedicate entire day to capture events which last for more than five days sometimes.

Some Unique Styles of Wedding Photography

Here are some types of wedding photography in Delhi NCR:


This type of photography is mainly using in casual weddings. While professional photographers do utilize candid photography, it’s most often the type of picture-taking that you see from part-time. A bit of a point and shoot approach that doesn’t have subjects primping and posing.


This type of photography can be given to explanation. Also you can find a photographer that utilizes this style if you plan on hanging one or several of your wedding photos on the wall.


This type of photography may be a combination of all the other types or a type that utilizes whatever style of photography is currently in trend. You can also take some ideas by some popular photography magazines or even bridal magazines to see what’s popular.


Photographers using this style mainly express a true feeling of the wedding and reception through their photographs. Looking through the wedding album will allow you to relive the day as it happened without the use of words or captions. This type of photography is also called photojournalism.


These types of photography are mainly posed shots where everyone is looking at the camera. Group shots of the wedding party, the couple with their families and the couple on their own are popular. The wedding photography should be a perfect combination of formal and candid shots. Some pictures need to be clicked with creativity like, ring exchange, and family pictures.

If the wedding is held in Delhi NCR location, photography should ideally cover the flower arrangement and the other decorations in the hall. The photographer should use the camera creatively and click the locations which look attractive. In the past, the photographer’s creativity was restricted only to the studio.

But with new technology and developments, backdrops like heritage buildings, parks, and railway lines are used for bringing uniqueness in wedding photography. Contrast colors and tones can be used for bringing about dramatic improvements in the photography. If the bride and groom want to have more of natural shots, and then the photographer should accordingly advise them not to look directly into the lens, so that the photograph looks more natural and simple. Photographer should click the full emotion of the wedding of the bride, groom and their families.

As far as styles of wedding photography, there are these main types to choose from. You’ll want to understand the types so you can choose the one that will best capture the look you’ll want for your big day. Portraiture is the most popular type of photography used in today’s weddings.

This style is used for formal pictures that are typical for wedding photography in Delhi NCR and allows for the photographer to employ posing and precision. Another popular type of photography is soft focus photography. This style is the standard for modern weddings and uses pale lighting with special lenses to create a romantic, dream-like effect.

Natural light is another common type of photography. This style involves using no flash, because the lighting comes from natural sources such as sunlight, moonlight, and streetlights for the photos. This is a relatively uncommon type of photography for weddings. Photojournalism is a type of photography that allows the photographer to create candid shots.

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