Know the different types of software developers and their roles

The software development industry is always in a state of flux and is dynamic with newer technologies and disciplines emerging with every passing day. With regular innovative procedures and newer software lingo getting added to the existing set-up, newer job roles and tasks get incorporated in the field.

types of software developers and their roles

In this article, let us find out the various kinds of software developers operating in this niche and their roles defined in brief.

Types of software developers

Check out the different types of professionals associated with the industry-

  1. Front-end developer

A front-end developer is a specialist in visual interface programming which will also include the layout. One of the primary requisites is that the developer must have an in-depth understanding of the “human-machine” interaction.

He or she has to be well versed in the principles of designing. They also have to be an expert in cross-browser compatibility patterns and other aspects of the UI or User interface issues. The code in front-end development runs on a web browser.

Skills required include designing user interface, CSS, JavaScript, UX or user experience, and user interface frameworks.

  • Backend Developer or Server-Side Developer

Implementation, design, scalability, and functional core logic about a software system is taken care of by a backend developer. Most of the time, the job is complex, which cannot be ascertained by a user. You can better understand this with the help of an example. For instance, if we take the working of a search engine, all that a user or a visitor sees is the user interface in search results. However, indexing content, implementing algorithms, making search engine crawl the web are all very complex processes that thas to be monitored and carried out by this professional. 

To hire a software developer, you have to seek the assistance of both front-end as well as backend-software development professional.

For software development service, you have to hire professionals depending on the requirement and what you intend to do for promoting your business online.

The ones mentioned about are the two most important software development professionals. You will come across and perhaps require at some stage or the other the following professionals that have crucial roles to play in this domain too. They include-

  • Middle-Tier Developer-The primary role is to write “non-UI” codes and interact with “non-core” code that runs on a server. In other words, the middle-tier professional is responsible for the “plumbing” functionalities between the two tiers that we have seen above.
  • Full-stack developer –He must possess skills of both front-end as well as back-end software developers.
  • Web developer –These professionals are responsible for developing or creating websites. These professionals can be either of the ones mentioned in the above points and paragraphs.

Aside from the above, you will find the professionals mentioned below too. They are-

  • Mobile developer
  • Desktop developer
  • Graphics developer
  • Data scientist
  • Game developer
  • CRM developer
  • DevOps developer
  • Big data developer
  • High-level developer
  • Embedded developer
  • Security developer
  • WordPress developer
  • Low-level developer

Approach a professional that has expertise in his domain or niche area. By doing so, you will get a better quality job since you are hiring the expert.

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