Lady Gaga Enthralls Audience with her Super Bowl 2016 Performance

The Crowd was captivated by not only Lady Gaga look, but also her voice as she managed to deliver a remarkable performance.

Lady Gaga enthralls Audience With her Super Bowl 2016 Performance

Suited in glittery red, Lady Gaga dazed the audience with ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ during the opening of Super Bowl 2016 on Sunday in the Levi’s Stadium, where Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos were set to clash.

The patriotic performer was also wearing blue fingernails and red eye shadows during one of the most widely watched TV events in America. Although there was a mild controversy regarding her selection as the singer of the national anthem during the Super Bowl 50, Lady Gaga succeeded in keeping things reasonably traditional.

Starting slowly, the singer/songwriter, kept it measured in the beginning until the high noted of the national anthem. The crowd cheered in ecstasy.

Gaga has recently earned a Golden Globe award as well as an Oscar nomination for her small screen performance. No wonder she became emotional in the midst of the passionate performance, and burst into tears during the Opening of Super Bowl 2016 on Sunday.

Lady Gaga was able to captivate the audience even without revealing too much flesh in her sparkling red attire. The bell bottom trousers further added to the flare of the dress coupled with back high heels. Her platinum blonde hair combed back and disheveled and the look was completed with a pair of diamond earrings.

Lady Gaga not only looked great during the performance, she sounded great as well, captivating the entire audience with the piano version of the iconic piece.While she was singing, a lone tear escaped from her eyes and rolled down the face, however, being a pro, Lady Gaga wiped it without effort and continued singing.

Lady Gaga was visibly thankful for this opportunity and did not shy away from expressing it to the crowd by waving to them with one hand over her heart.

Lady Gaga was extremely excited about the event. Only a few hours before the ceremony, she had shared a hello with her numerous fans who were equally excited about her upcoming performance. In a social media post, the hit maker appeared without makeup in bed with her dogs. She was wearing a Super Bowl 50 cap.

The caption on the photo read: ‘I CANT WAIT TO SING FOR YOU ALL, get your dogs and chicken wings marinating its almost game time!!’

Lady gaga is engaged to ‘The Vampire Diaries’ star Taylor Kinney. Future Lady Gaga husband is a successful star with several hit productions under his belt.

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