Latest Food Trends and New Amazing Diets

Are you always on the lookout for some new foodie trends? Are you constantly aspiring to improve your food experience and your diet?

Latest Food Trends

Here are a few food trends and diets that are going strong this year and have a bright future!

Hidden veggies

Not a fan of fresh veggies but still want to eat clean? Don’t worry! Today, you can find all sorts of hidden-vegetable products from vegetable-dough for pizza to various tasty pudding that use veggies to reduce sugar content. Thanks to this new trend, you don’t have to sacrifice taste in order to cut down your carb and dessert intake!

Maple water

For years, coconut water has been ruling the hydration market. However, now it has some healthy competition—maple water! This drink is filled with various minerals, especially manganese which is great for the bones, but it’s also rich in other nutrients like calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous and iron. And, it contains a lot fewer calories than coconut water, so it’s a great alternative for those watching their diet.

Good bacteria

Kombucha and kefir kits are literally flying from the stores, so make sure to grab your kit today and give your gut a world of new and beneficial bacteria. It sounds gross, but these fermented drinks are full of good bacteria that have a positive influence on gut health, so make sure to eliminate the middleman and make your own kombucha and kefir.

Pine pollen

Are you looking for a new superfood to try out? Well, look no further than pine pollen! Pollen powder is a tonic packed with all sorts of nutrients and can be a great addition to every diet. Thanks to its content which is full of vitamins B, C and E, beta carotene, lycopene, flavonoids and selenium, pine pollen will be present on everyone’s lips in 2019 (literally!) It also contains a mixture of other minerals, amino acids and enzymes that can help you stay healthy and strong. Plus, you can just add it to your smoothies or porridge or take as tablets—very easy and practical.

Hummus desserts

While enjoying some ice cream or eating cookie dough every once in a while isn’t a disaster, now you can enjoy your desserts guilt-free! If you’re already obsessed with hummus on your sandwiches, you’ll love it as a sweet treat. While these chickpea-based desserts do contain some added sugar, they are also filled with plenty of fiber and protein your traditional dessert can’t offer, so they are definitely a good alternative.

Mediterranean diet

Are you trying to lose weight? Or are you just looking for a cuisine that will fill you up with some amazing nutrients? Go the Mediterranean! This diet concentrates on heart-healthy foods like fish, nuts, veggies and olive oil and is limiting your intake of sugars, red meat, and butter. It’s an amazing diet fit for everyone, so it’s not a surprise it’s collecting a lot of hype lately.

Marijuana edibles and drinkables

Marijuana is becoming legal in many parts of the world. So we can expect to see a huge shift from traditional sweets and sodas to marijuana edibles and drinkables. While you can opt for THC-filled versions of edibles and drinkables that will get you high. You can also choose CBD-infused treats and drinks that provide you with various health benefits without the unwanted buzz. Marijuana oils can also be used in a variety of foods and drinks with cannabis culinary chefs already creating entire CBD dinner menus and cocktail lists!

Faux meat

Do you want to go vegan, but just can’t quit meat—today you can have the best of both worlds! While the production of lab-grown meat is very complicated. The end result is very simple: you get a testy product that will eventually eliminate the need for animal murder, reduce greenhouse gases production and minimize energy consumption.

Food bots

The future of food bots is very near! In the next few years, you can expect to have your food made by actual robots—that’s not a joke. These food bots can also be used for deliveries, room service in hotels and AI-powered waiters. Certain brands are already slowly testing the robots in their chains and employing them to perform certain (still small) tasks.

No matter if you’re looking for some new ingredients to introduce to your existing diet or if you’re aiming to change the way you eat completely, check out these foodie trends, give them a try and you’ll definitely love the results.

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