5 Must-Have Learning apps for kids

Learning apps for kids – Learning is very important nowadays for young kids and what they prefer is using some digital device to do so. Therefore, there are many learning apps like Apple pencil app, kids can have and do a lot of learning all the time. Here are the five learning apps for kids, which they must have for better learning:

Endless alpha

An app for teaching English letters sounds and words. Funny puzzles featuring talking letters and funny animations help children quickly master the spelling and pronunciation of the main words of the English language. Having completed the task of compiling a word from letters scattered across the screen, the child will see a short animation explaining the meaning of the word.

As in the previous application, there is no advertising here, but the cost of the paid version, including more than 100-word puzzles and animations, is quite high. Before buying the full version, invite your child to play for free with a few words to assess how useful such activities will be for him.

Artie’s Magic Pencil

A game for kids from 3 to 6 years old with a fascinating plot and bright beautiful graphics. In the process of passing, children not only get acquainted with the basic geometric shapes (circle, square, triangle), but also learn to empathize and help each other. Driving Artie, the guys meet along the way animals and people whose houses were damaged due to a huge evil monster. Artie’s magic pencil restores ruined houses, grows trees and flowers, thus helping those who are in trouble using the simplest forms.

During the game, you can return to already created objects and redraw your favorite objects and forms again. Only the first part of the adventure is available for free. No ads.

Collect Intellijoy figure

A puzzle game from the popular developer of children’s educational applications Intellijoy. 20 puzzles from the category “Animals” and “Food” are available for free. The task is to collect a complete picture from multi-colored elements, after which an image of an object or animal appears with the sound of its name. During the game, the child learns new words and develops fine motor skills. The ability to choose from several levels allows you to choose the complexity in accordance with the age and abilities of children.

In the paid version, worth a little over 60 rubles, another 5 categories open. Without advertising. A good alternative to cardboard puzzles for developing logical thinking.

My town

A role-playing game in which children can interact with many objects and characters in their own virtual home. Watching TV in the living room, playing in the nursery, eating in the kitchen or feeding fish in the aquarium – all this and much more can be done by playing one of the four family members. By constantly opening up new opportunities, children do not lose interest in the game.

For an additional fee, you can purchase new applications-additions to the main game and, for example, turn your home into an enchanted house. Playing this game with your child, you will get a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. No ads.

Solar walk

If your child is interested in space, stars, and planets, you can develop his curiosity and introduce the secrets of the Universe by turning your smartphone into a three-dimensional planetarium. Here you can find the planets of the solar system, read interesting facts and general information about them, see a gallery with photos from space, and even find out about all the satellites and telescopes that revolve around the Earth with a description of their purpose.

The application allows you to observe the planets in real-time. For the most powerful experience, the image can be displayed on a large screen. The only drawback is the advertisement. 

Of course, this is not a complete list of quality applications for the development of children, there are others. If you like one of them, try looking for other programs created by the same developer.

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