Lindsey Graham’s Personal Cell Number Released by Donald Trump to America

Another act or stunt was made by the Donald Trump which popped him in the spot light. He needs no introduction as he is the Republican Presidential candidate. Donald Trump on last Tuesday gave a campaign speech in which he in the middle of other stuff gave out Sen. Lindsey Graham’s cellphone number.

Lindsey Graham’s Personal Cell number Released by Donald Trump to America

As a personal vendetta Trump also called the senator senseless because Graham called Trump a jackass for saying Sen. John McCain who was a captive of war in Vietnam isn’t a war hero. This political dram started to picking up heat in front of hundreds at a gathering in South Carolina.

The spectators described the scene as Donald Trump spoke of a number which he said people could use to reach South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s private cell phone.

This was an open dialogue battle between Trump and Graham in the past few days as they fight for the Republican presidential recommendation. The language is distinctive Trump full of showing a billionaire playing the prey and offering himself as the solitary courageous man to say the truth about matters like immigration and leading personal attacks against other candidates.

Trump openly gave out the number and advised attendees to call it. In Trump’s talking last Tuesday, he clearly called Graham an idiot after Graham called him a jackass in an interview this Monday.

The interesting turn comes in when media sources called the number and it went straight to voicemail and the verified message said it was the phone number for Graham and the mailbox was full.

Directly following Trump’s convention, Graham’s campaign manager gave a statement to the media saying that the only people eager about Trump’s presidential proposal are President Barack Obama and 2016 Democratic leader Hillary Clinton. Graham’s campaign established the fact that the number Trump presented out belongs to the senator.

If Trump was seeing for a way to dirt up Graham, there are some other lines that are considered to be some of the most bizarre lines:

1.My campaign launch language got great appraisals, fantastic criticisms. Everyone thought it was a delightful speech, a pleasing opening.

2.We require tone. We need eagerness. We need tone.

Due to these actives Trump has come under substantial criticism from his own party mainly withering the military record of Sen. John McCain. Graham and McCain are considered to be close friends but still it doesn’t make it right what Trump do.

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