List Of Unique Career Choices To Build An Unbeatable Position

When an individual chooses a career path, there are a few factors to consider. These include professional and personal interest, financial gain, or prestige. The latter being the last one on the priority list. However, for some job seekers out there, one thing holds more value above all. Such individuals search for a career where they can positively impact the world. PayScale conducted a study recently that showed the most meaningful jobs are present in healthcare, education, and religion, with around 4 out of 5 people working these jobs reported excellent job satisfaction.

List Of Unique Career Choices

People should not think they won’t get well-paid for doing their part in society. Some individuals believe that the more meaningful job, the more money they will receive, and countless research can back up such a statement. For example, psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, and surgeons leave their mark by helping people come out of near-death situations while also taking home more than 100,000 on average per month. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. If you are on the hunt for a career that will allow you to stamp your presence on the world, you would want to scroll through the list down below.


Social workers give their entire life away to advocate for and empower individuals in vulnerable positions. They also help out those who are in emotional, social, and financial distress. However, their duties do not end there. Whenever a tragedy or disaster strikes, social workers help out entire communities in dealing with their after-effects. They are passionate, hardworking, and free of all fears. They show empathy and put others’ comfort and well-being before their interests.

Let’s say people in Columbus search: how to become a social worker in Ohio or the responsibilities? Doing so will let you know of a social worker’s role and contribution to society. Similarly, no matter which part of the world you belong to, the profession’s demand will not lessen down.


Anyone who desires to help people while being a part of their action will do great as humanitarian workers. Whenever there is an incident or accident anywhere in this world, government and charitable foundations will provide the affected people with medical care, food, shelter, and more. However, they will need someone to carry out such relief work. Enter the world of a humanitarian worker. They coordinate with the parties involved and do all the groundwork.

Such a career choice is exceptionally demanding and requires engineering, education, or medical industry background. In short, you will have to be the jack of all trades to work as a humanitarian aid worker effectively. But, to take the first step and work inside a non-profit aid foundation, you will at least require an international relations or international studies bachelor’s degree. Expect to earn a salary of around 34,000 dollars per year on average.


With fake news circulating everywhere, it is now more essential than ever to search for correct information about matters. The investigative journalist’s primary role is to examine and search for new developments and stories worldwide, reporting social problems.

The job they do helps mold society through critical information that enables leaders to make more informed decisions and take the necessary actions. An investigative journalist needs to show drive and persistence and have a can-do attitude when they pursue the truth. If an individual wants to become a journalist, a degree in this subject or liberal studies major can chase the role. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the job, a bachelor’s would be enough. The average salary of an investigative journalist is around 62,400 dollars per year.


Paramedics EMTs are always the first responders on the scene of an accident. They receive training in life-support care and first aid and help those who have gone through an accident. EMTs are responsible, loving medical professionals who go through the challenging task of making life and death decisions regularly. It is not a career for faint-hearted individuals as it requires excellent communication and critical thinking skills.

To work as a paramedic and EMT, individuals will need to undergo varying levels of training. They are EMT-basic, intermediate, and paramedic training. These training programs usually last two years and contain extremely rigorous practical work. After graduation, individuals can easily earn around 25,00 dollars per year on average while working in a hospital’s paramedic squad.


A nursing field career is an ideal choice for empathetic, compassionate individuals who want to help others. While a doctor may prescribe medicine and treatment to their patients, it is the nurses’ responsibility to check their vitals, monitor their health, and provide medication. Indeed the role of a nurse is critical inside a hospital or a clinic.

However, nursing is very stressful and demanding, requiring both physical and mental tolerance. To pursue a career in such a field, a background in healthcare is necessary. Furthermore, a bachelor’s in nursing and, in some instances, a master’s or a doctoral degree, followed by a practicing permit, is also a requirement. A nurse’s average salary is around 73,000 dollars per year, according to the BLS.


Another career choice that allows individuals to make the world a better place is through psychiatric practice. Through psychiatric therapy, people learn how to deal with trauma and overcome psychological health issues. Undoubtedly, a psychiatrist plays an integral part in the healthcare sector. These diagnose and assess patients and advise them with treatment through medication and sometimes therapy.

Those who want to pursue a psychiatry career need to have a master’s degree in the field and specialization in their area of interest. Also, to practice, mostly privately, individuals will need a state-issued license. A psychiatrist’s average salary is around 80,000 dollars per year, as per the BLS.


Whenever you perform your daily duties, It will instill a sense of accomplishment within you. You will know that the job you are doing is directly or indirectly improving society. So, go ahead and choose from the career choices mentioned above so you can take the first step in the right direction.

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