10 Best Enterprise LMS Software Worth Knowing

Looking to invest in an enterprise-grade LMS solution? You are heading in the right direction. On many occasions, your company will need to manage teams, both in-house and remote, to onboard, nurture, and empower them for your business. Here, investing in an LMS platform is a smart decision. To help you choose the best ones for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of top ten eLearning solutions that can meet all your training requirements. Take a look:

Learning Management System

ProProfs LMS software provides all the tools you need for building a delightful learning experience. This centrally managed platform can be used for organizing learners into classes or groups, assigning administrative rights and roles, creating bundles within each module, and so much more.

All this makes ProProfs a highly reliable solution for training multiple teams. Some of its most helpful features include the ability to outline learning paths, automate gradings, and pinpoint knowledge gaps through in-depth performance tracking. To make things seamless for administrators and course creators, ProProfs uses SCORM, Tin Can, and xAPI – all crucial for importing existing training materials and integrating them with third-party systems.

As a platform for learning and engagement that amplifies performance and boosts retention, Learn Amp offers a host of easy-to-use features for corporate training. What makes this tool unique is its learning management hub, comprehensive enough to store, organize, and deploy the collective know-how of a company regardless of the format used.

If you’re interested in social learning, Learn Amp excels in this aspect as well. Not only are users allowed to co-create and share training materials with ease and in real time, they are also empowered with interactive tasks and quizzes that help hone their knowledge. Learn Amp also offers robust tracking and reporting with updates on every learner’s progress.

Effectus LMS boasts a learner-centric UX design that works well at the enterprise level. It’s open-source, intuitive, and highly flexible, enabling you to customize everything to your specific corporate learning needs. This customizable UX is available on the Effectus LMS mobile app too.

Effectus comes with all the necessary tools for eLearning management and reporting, but as a learner-centric platform, it specializes in learner motivation and engagement. That’s accomplished through gamification features such as badges, leaderboards, and social learning that relies on wikis, blogs, virtual chats, file sharing, and discussion boards. 

Social collaboration is effortless and a fun on Wisetail’s LMS platform, which allows learners to comment, rate, and explore training. The flowing design complements the social aspect of learning as well. Thanks to its intuitive customization tools, Wisetail LMS feels like a social media site.

The apparent purpose is to help you foster communication and build a culture based on free knowledge exchange. In terms of course creation, the authoring tools are both easy and fun to work with. The same can be said about the analytical aspect of Wisetail LMS, which offers extensive user data and system activity reports that encourage continual improvement.

As an open-source LMS that’s both robust and flexible, Totara promises the freedom to learn. The platform manages to deliver upon this pitch with collaborative features, which help create a learning environment where everyone is encouraged to participate and share ideas. Learners are motivated with badges and co-authoring tools.

Totara Learn is easily scalable too, and it’s available for both desktop and mobile devices.

Enterprise LMS

This user-friendly, feature-rich LMS delivers high-quality corporate training that boosts completion rates and improves learner engagement at every interaction. Not only is training easily deployed from its centralized hub, it’s also highly personalized and localized.

The ability to build each user’s training around their skills and jobs is a good example of this. eFront boasts a number of convenient tracking and reporting features as well, thus allowing you to generate and archive custom reports on any user on the platform. Plus, it is known for scalability and easy integration.

Built for quick authoring, 360Learning LMS facilitates knowledge exchange. The platform, in general, is extremely easy to use, particularly when it comes to creating courses, reusing existing training material and other resources, and exploring online eLearning content.

Continual improvement is accomplished through different types of assessments, a gamified ranking system for motivation, and a feedback cycle that provides specific suggestions for improving courses. In terms of reporting, the platform’s statistics show participation and success rates.

360Learning LMS is easily integrated with other systems, but that’s not all. It also comes with an SSL encryption that creates an additional layer of security around your company’s most valuable asset.

The Academy LMS is considered the world’s most engaging learning management system. It is good for both essential and advanced levels of corporate training. It offers one of the most rewarding gamification systems in any  LMS.

This learning management system introduces a feature called “Epic Meaning” to encourage learners to develop themselves professionally and work together to achieve goals.

The social environment of the Academy LMS is rich with diverse customization options, which allows you to cater to multiple audiences, brands, and channels. Modern and scalable, the platform supports in-depth analysis and reporting.

Ease-of-use, full customization, quick authoring, and detailed insights – all the essential characteristics needed for enterprise training are found in this cloud-based LMS. TalentLMS gives you the ability to create flexible groups and train, manage, and track them from a centralized platform.

When it comes to tracking, it offers various methods for learner assessment and auto-generated infographics that translate performance data into scannable status reports. Especially engaging and helpful are the features for self-paced learning and microlearning available at every training stage. 

Formerly known as SchoolKeep, Northpass LMS provides efficient training across every channel and throughout the learning lifecycle. It allows you to create specialized learning paths for better productivity, easier compliance, and ultimately higher revenue.

Every other enterprise training feature within this comprehensive eLearning platform makes it a highly intuitive solution for course creation, blended learning, and continual improvement. Although completely self-sufficient, NorthPass offers room for powerful SaaS integrations. 

Last Word

All the ten learning management systems on the list are powerful, scalable, and intuitive enough to meet the training requirements of various organizations. Judging by their rich and compelling features, they hold the key to advancing your knowledge sharing strategy. Use what suits best for your business needs. They are tools for continual improvement of your organization as a whole.

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