Local SEO Checklist: Ways To Improve Local Business’ Online Presence

One of the main advantages of search engine optimization is the ability it gives the advertisers to target certain niche audiences. This rings even truer for local SEO where firms can focus on the target audience of a certain locality with search terms like SEO in Staten Island.

Local SEO Checklist

This is especially useful for small startups and local businesses whose customer base does not extend out of the city they are based in. This also improves the conversion rate as the business site gets visitors who can actually access the products and services provided rather than the entirety of the internet. One can localize their SEO efforts with the following steps:

Meta Tags For Local SEO

Meta tags play an important role in search results listing as search bars match the user’s query with them to consider if the link will fulfill the user’s needs. This is why, the URL’s meta tags, i.e. title, description and keywords should include the location of the business. This will help search engines match the URL with the user’s location and query.

Use The Right Keywords

Keywords are the fuels that run any optimization strategy. They are what enable the visitors to find the business link on the search results on the first page. It is important to research the keywords used by the target audience based on the locality served by the firm before inserting them into the web content. For example, an SEO agency based in Staten Island can reach local startups looking for such services by inserting the search terms SEO in Staten Island.

Use Of Name, Address & Phone (NAP) On All Pages

Using NAP helps search engines match the website owner’s location with the user’s location to finetune the results. Using the complete address and contact detail on the homepage and the contact us page in a prominent position will help with local optimization. It’s better to use the local phone number with the local area code rather than the toll-free number to give Google an indication of the firm’s physical location. They should be included in text format and not image format to make it easier for search bars to find them. NAP should also be included at the footer of all the webpages on the website. Other than the website, NAP should be consistent off-site as well. This includes all social media accounts, business listings, review sites, etc.

Google Map Location On Contact Page

Using the Google map location on the contact page gives search engines a definite indication of the firm’s physical location and boosts local SEO efforts. This can be done by first searching the location on Google Maps and using the share or embed map option. This option provides business owners a code that allows them to embed the map on their webpage.

Google My Business & Other Business Listing Sites

Yahoo, Bing and Google are the three most popular search engines in ascending order. So it is only natural to be verified by their respective business listing platforms to appear on SERPs. Google business in particular is very versatile allowing the business to list its complete contact info and timings while allowing customers to review the business. It’s also possible to add photos to give consumers a preview of the building’s exterior and interior to make it easier to find, and to build credibility. Linking the Google profile with Yahoo, Bing and other business listing profiles will boost the local optimization results. On that note, profiles should also be made on other business listing sites, specifically local business sites.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is a code that lets search engines analyze the site’s information. Local business schema gives the engines more info on local business websites, specifically the outlet’s location and contact info. Other schema markups can be used to give visitors other data like prices or timing that may build their interest and get them to click.

These are some aspects of local search engine optimization that needs to be given due consideration to successfully target the local audience.

Summary – Local search engine optimization is an effective method for a small business to reach a local target audience. The steps of local SEO are similar to general SEO strategies with minor local-oriented differences.

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