Maximising Effectivity: Four Smart Kitchen Apps to Transform Your Kitchen

Modern kitchens have now become a place where family members spend most of their time. It’s now a place where you can do homework, entertain guests, or even spend most of your day off in to relax.

Smart Kitchen Apps to Transform Your Kitchen

Consequently, kitchens don’t just have to be spacious and beautiful, but must also be highly functional that’s a pleasure to prepare and cook food in. Since cooking is a form of art that stimulates creativity, you’ll need not just to be precise and in control, but also comfortable.

With sufficient knowledge on which smart kitchen appliances to buy for your kitchen, you’ll be able to have the perfect cooking experience. Also, you’ll be able to combine smart kitchen apps with traditional appliances to help make the cooking process more efficient. Take your cue from these four smart kitchen apps to revolutionise your kitchen.

Sous Vide: Anova Precision Cooker

Sous vide cookers are not only far more complex nowadays, but it’s also known for its divisiveness.  By cooking through a process called water bath, you’ll have to seal the food in an airtight bag before cooking it under a very gentle heat, with scientific precision.

Sous vide cookers are bulky and old-fashioned, and are often placed in the storage room after a few uses. However, the Anova precision cooker is extremely cupboard-sized and could be clipped onto the side of any pan. By filling the pan with water up to the required amount and setting it to your chosen temperature, you can cook your food to perfection.

Further, if you’re comfortable with sous vide, the Anova precision cooker is a WiFi-enabled device. You will be able to control this stylish immersion circulator even if you’re not at home. Further, the dedicated application also includes recipes, cookery guidance, and video tutorials.

Warmup’s Electric Underfloor Heating

Warmup’s electric underfloor heating systems have proven to be cost-effective because of its low running costs and higher levels of energy efficiency. The electric underfloor heating has higher levels of energy efficiency because it reduces heat loss, and improves the heat-up times of the system. Your kitchen will be guaranteed warm without wasting a large amount of energy.

Moreover, Warmup’s underfloor heating system also has a smart WiFi thermostat called 4iE which comes with a dedicated smartphone application. The WiFi thermostat provides automatic heating that runs at an optimal temperature when needed.

On the other hand, you can hire a reliable expert to help you properly install the underfloor heating system. There are home improvement companies near you such as kitchen renovations melbourne who are most willing to help with all your needs.

Smart Smoke Detector: Nest Protect

Nest Protect is a smart smoke detector that can also act as a nightlight when it detects your movement as you pass under it. Further, it also has a dedicated app that’s simple and easy to use which features the calming phrase “Everything is OK.”

Also, Nest Protect is known for its phone alerts and voice alarms. The dedicated app lets you know if there is any problem in the kitchen, from detecting smoke and carbon monoxide to having low battery. You can also turn the alarm off from your phone through the application.

Smart Garden 3

Smart Garden 3 is a self-watering indoor garden that automatically takes care of your plants. Smart Garden 3 makes sure that the plants are receiving the right amount of light, nutrients, and water all the time.

Having the best herbs in any dish or sauce can completely change your recipe. Growing herbs personally can save you money over time, and the herbs are always there when you need to use them.


There may only be four kitchen apps, but these are enough to innovate your ways and transform your kitchen to perfection. Smart underfloor heating to keep you comfortable at all times, a smart garden to grow herbs to cook the best recipes, a smart smoke detector to keep you safe at all times, and sous vide to cook your meal when you’re still not at home.

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