Men’s Jean Combinations Based on Body Type

One of the most preliminary stages in finding those perfect pair of men’s jeans is to know which type will flatter your body. Knowing your body type and the different kinds of jeans available is essential to pick the right one. You can do this by choosing a jean combination that depends on your body type, whether you may be an apple, hourglass, pear, rectangular or inverted triangle. Do keep in mind that jean combinations are based on fit and length. Depending on the body silhouette, both fit and size will change.

Men’s Jean Combinations Based on Body Type

Apple Body Shape

It is best for men who have an apple body shape to avoid wearing fitted clothes like skinny jeans because it will further accentuate your unbalanced proportions. Therefore, the most flattering pair of men’s jeans for an apple body shape should balance the heavier upper body. This makes a relaxed fit of boyfriend jeans your go-to clothing with any length of choice.

Hourglass Body Shape

In essence, there are no significant restrictions to an hourglass body that is also notably uncommon for men. However, clothes that don’t accentuate this body shape, such as loose jeans, should be avoided. A fitting pair of jeans aims to emphasise the thin waist of an hourglass body.

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Therefore, a pair of skinny fit jeans are the perfect pair of denim for this body type. The recommended length for a pair of slim-fit jeans is regular so that it gives the illusion of longer legs and a tiny waist, which most people consider visually appealing.

Pear Body Shape

The suggestion is to avoid loose bottoms for a pear body type because the more prominent lower body will only look bigger with the loose jeans. So, just like the hourglass body, it is best to stick to a pair of skinny fit jeans so that less dimension is added to the heavier lower body area of a pear-shaped body. There is room for versatility regarding length, where it may be cropped, ankle, regular or tall.

Rectangular Body Shape

For men who have a proportional top to bottom body shape like the shape of a rectangle should try to avoid jeans that are baggy or hang loosely. This is because jeans will look oversized compared to your body and will not accentuate your body’s slender silhouette. On the other hand, skinny jeans are also unflattering because it will only make your body appear leaner than it already is. With this being said, go on and try jeans that are straight fit so that it neither contrasts your body shape by being too large nor does it overly accentuate your thin, rectangular body frame by being body-hugging. For the length, it will depend on your height since any length is suitable for a rectangular body shape due to its proportionality. If you are tall, accentuate your legs with a pair of tall length jeans. Contrastingly, if you are short, go for ankle jeans to show off some skin that will give the illusion of length on your legs.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

For the inverted triangle body type, advice to consider is to avoid jeans that are overarching in style. This is because overarching styles like baggy jeans will only make a sharp contrast and overly accentuate this body type that lacks curves. So, to not draw attention to the tapering down effect of an inverted triangle body shape, try on a pair of straight fit or relaxed fit jeans, which are the safer jean options for this body type. Also, slightly flaring jeans is another jean type suitable for the inverted triangle body shape. For the length, nothing too drastic should be considered, or else this body shape’s disproportionality might be unintentionally emphasised. So, try on some ankle jeans if you would like to elongate your legs or regular-length jeans for those who are comfortable with their height.

Body Measurements Matter in Selecting Men’s Jeans

Now that you have a clear idea of what to avoid and what flatters each body type, it is now your task to identify your body shape. Once you know your body shape, you can then embark on your jean hunt for that perfect pair of fitting jeans. But before doing so, do keep in mind that body measurements matter when it comes to choosing men’s jeans. This is because a pair of good denim aims to balance out a body’s proportions.

Despite the importance of measurements, it is entirely unnecessary to obsess over them when finding the perfect jeans for you. “Perfect” can mean finding that ideal pair of denim based on your body type. Everything is up to your choice and preference. But, keep these pointers in mind to look and feel your best!

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