Must-Have Android Apps in 2020 for Business People

Doing good business is easier with the best technology, and a great Android app can change your business and your life for the better. Whatever the daily tasks you need to take care of, whether it’s printing documents, making payments, or managing a team of staff, your phone is all you need to simplify your life.

Android Apps in 2020 for Business People

Manage your staff 

Many Android apps have been designed specifically to simplify and streamline the human side of business, and Connecteam is one of the more comprehensive options on the market. When you’re taking on new staff members or retraining old ones, this app has you covered with features including onboarding assistance and time-tracking. Throw in the handy messaging options, and you can even use it to communicate with colleagues or employees whilst on the go.  

Make your money go further

At the end of the day, business really is all about making money, and with apps like Xero, it gets a whole lot easier to make sure your incoming and outgoing funds line up. This platform boasts dozens of cool features including transaction monitoring, invoicing, and reminders for when a payment follow-up is needed. It’s also capable of storing data on a range of pay grades and automating the wage tally for each staff member, so you’ll always get the important things right. 

Print remotely

The printed document is still a crucial part of many day-to-day business functions, and it gets even more useful with clever applications like the HP Smart App or Brother iPrint&Scan. Utilizing the latest technology, these apps enable you to print anything from your important documents to your favorite holiday snaps via the cloud data storage to any compatible printer without plugging into a physical cord. Better still, some come with extra perks like the option to edit the files before printing or to check the printer status remotely.

Get your finances in order 

If staying across the money matters in your life is causing you stress, a financial cover-all like Mint might be just what you need. It can give you the low-down on your bank balances and account history, credit cards, that investment portfolio you’re trying to build, and even the latest bills in your inbox. With all of that information stored in one place, there’ll be no excuse for incurring late fees or missing new investment opportunities.

Watch the clock

A greater efficient output is an unending pursuit for everyone in the business world, although it’s not unusual to find that you’ve held yourself back by procrastinating or prioritizing the wrong tasks. That’s where RescueTime could prove very handy. It’s designed to give you a clear picture of just how you, and your employees, are spending time, which makes it a great resource not only for managers overseeing a team, but also for those who are self-employed or just looking to bolster productivity. You may not realize just how much time you or your colleagues waste on unimportant tasks, but with a report generated by this app, you’ll have all the facts you need to set a productive change in motion. 

Take control of your documents

Signing and sending documents can be a huge time-suck if you don’t have easy access to a printer and scanner, but with a clever app like CamScanner in your pocket, paper troubles will be a thing of the past. This app can clean up, resize, and filter an average photograph of a document into a crystal-clear, email-ready image in moments, without the need for any other devices. What could be more convenient than having access to important information at your fingertips?

Forget passwords

Remembering the password or code for every online account you create is a challenge, especially when they need to be changed or updated, but thanks to apps like LastPass, there’s no need for an old-fashioned sticky note on your computer screen. Whether you’re shopping online, using social media, or logging into a shared spreadsheet, this app remembers that all-important password so that you don’t have to. 

Create your own

The idea that could change the way you do business may not yet exist, which means you have a perfect opportunity to develop something bigger than your business alone. Consider all of the meager challenges you face in the course of an average day, and you’ll realize just how many opportunities exist for designing new business applications to change the game. Thanks to platforms like Appy Pie, you’re now able to conceive, design and implement exactly the kind of app you always envisioned to help your business succeed. Exponential growth has happened, and is continuing, in areas like home automation, home delivery, and even telemedicine, but there’s no need to stick to what has already been done – the only limit here is your imagination.

Downloading an Android application might seem like a simple, inexpensive decision, but when you take into account the value of the time you can save, you’ll begin to see these powerful tools in a new light. Such small changes can add up to a big difference in your productivity, availability, and feelings of satisfaction at work, setting you up well for a great start to the new year.

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