Navy Yard Reaction Reveals Tensions and Doubts About Attacks

Due to the recent events Navy Yard is seemed to me in a state of trouble as their response imitates tensions. People worry about the attacks and thinks the Navy has not given proper response to the threats.

Navy Yard Reaction Reveals Tensions and Doubts about Attacks

On some level they are true on their part as for two hours this Thursday morning, it can be considered like the exact replica of July Fourth terror in Washington. Police and ambulances gathered around the Washington Navy Yard when a worker said she might have heard gunshots.

If a clear statement was issued of what happened that will be enough to calm people. According to the Authorities it turned out to be nothing No evidence of shooter at Navy Yard and all was cleared at DC Navy Yard after early reports. According to the Media:

“A worker heard gunshots but it turned out to be nothing. Authorities were quick to admire the woman for reporting possible trouble. Still not a clear statement has been issued by the Navy.”

Law enforcement specialists say it extents to a dress rehearsal for the holiday weekend. It was a celebration of freedom that could be tense with confusion particularly in Washington. Any event that you realize is happening in our nation’s capital or in any main city across the country will openly take a related response at this time.

Considering all the exciting turns during the week American law enforcement is mainly worried with the terrorist group’s hostile engaging through social media and an ISIS orator’s advising of followers to attack during the holy month of Ramadan which ends July 17.

So a major threat is lying on the American government head s something could be happened. The representation of American Independence Day and bulk assemblies of people at fireworks shows in big cities as well as danger of violence precisely pointing police and military personnel could be appealing.

There is extra urgency because of the representation of the holiday and events around the globe most lately the sequence of attacks that killed 39 people in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.

This time is peak of joy for American and particularly an important city like New York where people go to East River to view Macy’s annual Fourth of July fireworks is protected with counterterrorism and security measures. Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco have all also intensified their security and not taking any chance.

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