NBC Universal Drop Donald Trump for Abusing Mexicans

NBC Universal has made an important decision and takes big step in changing the network future. They pulled the plug or you can say that they cut all the connections with motor mouth GOP presidential Donald Trump this Monday for giving up such a controversial statement and having trashed Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers, this is a move the impenitent real estate mogul called weak and politically precise.

NBC Universal Drop Donald Trump for Abusing Mexicans

So the leading US TV network NBC decided to let go Donald Trump over current insulting statements that the veteran businessman made about immigrants.

If we go in details, NBC Universal is owned by Comcast and is taking big step but had no comment on the lawsuit risk. It is uncertain whether NBC will pursue to sell its stake in the Miss Universe Organization to Trump obtain Trump’s stake from him or they mostly need to seek another buyer.

For the recent events NBC said the company would now not be presenting the Miss USA and Miss Universe parades that are co-owned by Mr. Trump.

In this response to the statement Mr. Trump said he would consider suing NBC.

According to the issue statement by the network:

“Respect and pride for all people are keystones of our values and that this attitude seemingly didn’t mesh with Trump’s comments during his outset speech that Mexican immigrants are bringing drugs and they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. He also promised to build a great wall on the US border with Mexico and claimed it would be paid for by Mexicans.”

In response to this Trump said that he was criticizing US lawmakers, not Mexican people. NBC had confronted pressure from Hispanic advocacy groups to drop Mr. Trump’s shows and this has work as they are willing to drop him. A petition is signed by the Hispanic group with more than 200,000 signatures.

As the result occurred by the termination of Donald form network, he blamed the Mexican government of compelling the network saying they want to quiet Donald Trump. And Donald Trump can’t be quiet. Even if his profitable prospects are taking a pounding Mr. Trump’s political riches seem to be refining.

He demanded the network had violated its contract and said the move would be resolute in court. NBC is fragile network and like everybody else is trying to be politically truthful that is why the country is in serious trouble.

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