Netflix Efforts to Improve Live Streaming Performance: Check Updates Here!

Netflix Improve Live Streaming Performance

Netflix Improve Live Streaming Performance

The COVID-19 has resulted in an increasing demand for streaming. Millions of people watch TV shows, movies, and other streaming content on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and many others. You also might be one of them, right?

Users will spend around 480 billion hours watching live-streaming content in 2020; most people use apps to stream on their smart devices; however, global engagement is forecasted to increase by 14%, resulting in around 720 billion hours of streaming in 2022. Live video content is no longer a novelty and highlights the online live streaming potential.

Many streaming platforms like Netflix and others are always trying to improve their streaming service. They are using viewers’ service knowledge base to improve their live streaming and cater to customers’ growing needs for live streaming content in a language they are more familiar with.

Netflix to Explore Live Streaming Functionalities

One of the popular streaming platforms, Netflix, is planning to have live streams in its array of content. When the platform successfully rolls out the feature, it will enable Netflix subscribers to watch the events, popular shows, and more in real time. For example, the festival called “Netflix is a Joke,” among many others.

Netflix is exploring its realm of live streaming by rolling out its capabilities. The video streaming platform will use a live-streaming feature to broadcast unscripted shows and stand-up specials. The streaming platform will also use the feature for live voting for talent contests and competition series.

A video streaming platform like Netflix could benefit from many aspects of live streaming, including unscripted series, reunions for popular shows, and social experiments. Moreover, Netflix plans to live stream content through the app; it could broadcast live sports events as Hotstar and Disney+ do.

Netflix has released a category hub for viewers of TV services. In a blog published in April 2022, Netflix concluded that “we’re rolling out a category hub in the TV menu so members globally can find their favorite genre and new categories of series, films, specials, and more. They can find all their favorite categories on Netflix.”

Top Ways That Netflix Opts to be the Best Streaming Platform

Modern techniques of media broadcasting are shifting dramatically from SaaS and cloud streaming; now, individuals don’t have to buy costly equipment for hosting live events; all they need is a camera. Many streaming sites take much of the internet’s bandwidth; the most popular and used is Netflix.

As of Q1 2023, Netflix has more than 77.32 million subscribers globally. At the same time, the platform had more than 74 million subscribers across Canada and the US. In the 2022 first quarter, its largest global market is North America. The platform has moved from sending DVDs mainly to distributing and producing Hollywood-level movies.

Source: (Statista)

Even though you haven’t used Netflix, you might hear about it, right? The streaming platform is experiencing great competition from competitors like HBO Max, Disney+, and others. However, there are various ways that Netflix can opt for or has already opted for to bring new subscribers and improve its performance; read the article to find which are those.

Free Trials

Every individual loves free stuff. If we don’t want anything, we get it if it’s offered for free. Subscribers need little encouragement to start using the video streaming platform, but free trials are the best way to do so. It provides an opportunity to identify what it is like to use a service.

Sometimes, people need a little encouragement to sign up for content, and free trials are the best way to do it. It provides an opportunity to get the whole experience and know what using a service is like. 

Netflix has a variety of content, so there are great chances that individuals will find what interests them the most. The video streaming platform offers a free trial to encourage users to turn into subscribers; this can even help the platform get back old subscribers.

Notify About New Content

Currently, Netflix shows the notification of shows and movies on the details page. Platform users can see it on the screen for seconds while playing a title. The main issue with this type of notification is users can see them when they log in to Netflix or while watching a movie or show; there is no way to get notified when you don’t use Netflix.

Instead of displaying the expiry date on the screen while viewing the title, Netflix can use emails and push notifications to make viewers act. It’s better than searching for a TV show that viewers are halfway through and suddenly removed.

Capitalize on Merchandise

The live and video streaming platform has created the most memorable shows. Netflix launched an online store in 2021. The company is preparing live events tied to Bridgerton, clothing life, and products and possibilities for new seasons of The Witcher, Stranger Things, and La Casa de Papel.

Netflix is late in opting for the approach that Disney introduced in the past. However, the platform has capitalized on that by selling merchandise; this step is critical to capturing the eCommerce market as quickly as possible. To support its shows, Netflix deals with the merchandise world; Disney must be intentional and strategic about how it does this.

If Netflix succeeds in this approach, it will exist in its targeted customers’ homes and lives. This strategy will also help the video streaming platform to stay on top of its targeted base minds. If all goes right, Netflix will increase its marketing content, boost brand awareness, and increase sign-ups.

Redesign the “Are You Still Watching?” Functionality

If you keep Netflix running for a time without touching it, you can come across the “Are you still watching” pop-up. This feature might sound unuseful, but the streaming platform encourages you to continue watching; however, it can be used more effectively to grab a better result.

The prompt can be used to encourage viewers to switch to something that interests them instead of leaving the platform with the aim of completing that movie or show later on. This can help platform users discover more content they are unfamiliar with, resulting in more on-screen time for Netflix.

Social Media Sharing

Online sharing is one of the crucial functions that every streaming platform must have. Most people want to share links to movies and TV shows on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media. It’s one of the sought-after features on Netflix; hence it’s time for the streaming platform to think and act about it.

However, enabling users to share the content they watch with online communities is cost-effective and the easiest approach to encourage more subscriptions. Most people are more likely to sign up and trust the source their family and friends recommended.

Netflix Should Prioritize Growth in Today’s Competitive Market

For years, Netflix has grown its subscriber base, business, and most popular streaming platform. However, the ever-changing market is affected by day-to-day challenges and global events; hence, the streaming platform continues to rely on approaches and household names to grow.

With new approaches and changes in working strategy, Netflix can easily widen its market and experience growth in its subscriber base. Moreover, the video streaming platform has millions of viewers to capture and convert to the subscription base; hence, choosing new norms can prove more beneficial.

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