New Facts Reveal in New Orleans Cop killing Case

New Orleans cop killing case was not forgotten yet and hence once again came into news and people’s attention and as a new and interesting statement was made by the police. This changes the opinion and view of this case.

New Facts Reveal in New Orleans Cop killing Case

The man suspect in killing a New Orleans police officer on Saturday seemingly had access to two guns at the time of the homicide even though he had been investigated and searched completely and was chained and in the backseat of a squad car. This new accusation troubles the police and the New Orleans Police Chief Michael Harrison said at a news conference.

“The police officers are doing his best; they realize that this is an obvious issue. We’re going to get to the bottom of that.” The suspect a 33 year man Travis Boys was being taken to jail first time this Saturday by Officer Daryle Holloway when Holloway was shot dead.

Boys escaped the sight and were the attention of a persistent 24-hour manhunt before he was taken into supervision Sunday morning as he was trying to escape by a bus. After the horrific incidence Harrison said that Boys will be accused with first degree murder in the death of Holloway, who was 45.

From the instant that this disastrous occasion occurred, many people and assets come forward to track down this suspect and bring him to justice. According to the officials Boys had been halted Friday night for serious assault in an instance in which he supposedly fired a .38-caliber weapon, conferring to NOPD.

The job of transporting Boys to Orleans Parish Prison was given to Holloway. After the four-mile ride from the regional station to the jail decided, Holloway was dead, and Boys was missing. The chief of police said when police detained him Sunday morning, Boys was still tiring the leftovers of smashed handcuffs, the. Harrison said as to how Boys achieved to free his hands it is hard to say.

The event take a turn with the question continued how Boys could have accomplished right to use two weapons found at the scene of the murder by a 38-caliber handgun that had been the motive Boys was halted on Friday night, and a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson supposed to have been used to fire Holloway. The main thing is that both weapons were found in Holloway’s patrol car. The odd thing is the officer’s gun was still in its holster.

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