New Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review; the device offers many features that may not be unique, but serve to enhance its utility and value

New Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review

The difference between a keyboard and a Samsung’s new Galaxy TabPro S Windows 10 tablet is just 37 grams. The Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft is a little bit heavier when compared with a keyboard.

However, the extra 37 grams become very important when you must choose between the two tablet notebooks that Windows is offering. Any Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review will also emphasize the fact that cost is another very important factor which is at play here. The Galaxy Tab Pro S costs 1500 dollars when it is available with a Keyboard and WiFi option (WiFi + 4G model would cost you 200 dollars more).

The most reasonably priced Surface Pro 4 can be had for 1449 dollars but this does not come with a keyboard. There is also an assumption that Samsung charges 6 dollars for the stylus.

The Surface Pro 4 offers a back-lit keyboard. The keyboard on TabPro S is simple and does not offer back lighting. If you must use it in the dark then, back lighting is essential for you.

A comprehensive Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review will also tell you that back lighting is not the only thing about keyboards that make them different. A breakthrough feature of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the kickstand on the back which renders the area slightly bigger than the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S.

On the other hand, the surface of the device become harder due to the kickstand and becomes difficult on the lap. Comparatively, the Tab Pro S is rather balanced equipment. This makes it very difficult to calculate the relative value on the keyboards of the two devices.

If a user wants to use the Windows 10 ‘Hello’ feature, he / she must pair the TabPro with a Samsung Galaxy phone with Android 6.0 or higher. Most of the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review state that the fingerprint scanner works really good.

Windows Hello is of little consequence now since it can only be used for the purpose of unlocking Windows and a few other applications like Dropbox, however, there are chances that it will be of more use in the coming version of Windows.

Performance and storage are very important when it comes to pricing. The Samsung Tab Pro S featured an Intel Core m3 processor. The storage is 128GB. In the end, the choice must be made by users whether the device is suitable for them in the price offered.

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