New York prison can be break by using power tools

The two prisoners made many years plan to escape from the maximum security portion of the prison of New York police near the Canadian Border. This security portion was built in 1865. It is first time that someone even thinks to escape from this place. Unluckily when they were planning someone heard all their planning’s and then the force kept their private eye on them and helicopters as well.

New York prison can be break by using power tools

It takes many days to make a plan to escape or to implement on it but all is vain within a seconds. They were thinking to run through steel walls and pipes but now soon they will be in their hands. They were provided by the power tools to escape from the prison but the question is how they get the power tools.

Now authorities were investigating that who provided all this to them??? They will investigate that what they did and how they it just to confirm the security measures that such type of things will never happen again.

No doubt they have a very tight security and are very high alerts and prison houses were guarded by 1400 officers and surrounded by farmland and forests. It is confirmed by the investigators that they were helped by someone from outside but how anyone will agree to help the murderers.

They may have assistance outside the prison or perhaps meeting up with someone who helped them to leave the area. Whoever they are but it is sure that those who involve in this help were also the killers of humanity.

According to the New York Governor no doubt it is the enlightened plan to escape and now he offered $100,000 reward for the person who gave their information and help force to capture the two convicted murderers. He also declared them killers, murderers and thought that there is no crime more than this. It is first priority of force to arrest them.

Force will not release them in any case. They all thought that they may have crossed Canada and go towards another state. Both prisoners are very dangerous for the state they might committed the grave crimes again.

According to the official report the inmates cut the steel wall at the back of their cell, slink their body and through the catwalk they broke through the brick wall and by cutting their way they are out of the steam pipe then sliced through the chain and lock on a manhole cover outside the prison.

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