Newt Gingrich accuses Megyn Kelly of being fascinated with sex

Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker has accused Megyn Kelly of being a person who is ‘fascinated by sex’. Megyn Kelly is a host at Fox News.

Newt Gingrich accuses Megyn Kelly

Newt Gingrich blasts Megyn Kelly

The former House speaker snapped at Megyn Kelly who had asked about all the women who had accused Donald Trump of sexual assault. Donald Trump is the Republican frontrunner in the upcoming US presidential elections.

The event happened during the airing of the program ‘The Kelly File.’ Megyn Kelly is a famous host who has also had some issues with Donald Trump in the past.

Donald Trump Campaign

The fierce exchange of words on ‘The Kelly File’ showed the way Trump campaign is trying to spin the sexual assault allegations that have been leveled against the presidential candidate by more than a dozen accusers.

First of all they deny these allegations, then they would castigate the host for asking about it, and finally they would spin the conversation towards the former president Bill Clinton.

It becomes very effective owing to the fact that Bill Clinton is the husband of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Sick and Tired

Gingrich followed the same line while on the program. He said that he had become sick and tired of people like Megyn Kelly who would deliberately use words like ‘sexual predator’ for the presidential candidate.

Trump was caught on a tape in which he was bragging about the way he used his money and fame for groping and kissing women without their consent.

Donald Trump has said that it was simply bragging and had nothing to do with how he actually felt and did.

Megyn Kelly had another episode with Donald Trump in the past. She has stated that she wasn’t accusing him of being a sexual predator.

However, as a journalist, she was obligated to cover the allegations that had been leveled against him.

At this point Newt Gingrich burst out saying that Megyn was fascinated with sex and had no regard for public policy. That’s when Gingrich went off.

Megyn replied that she was not fascinated with sex but she did care about protection for women.

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