Which Material to Choose in Fashion Scrub for Nurses?

Gone are the days when nursing scrubs were only available in white. With recent fashion trends, scrubs are available in colors and styles like blue, green, pink, etc. They are not just soothing to the eyes but also look good and are easily distinguishable. 

Most nursing scrubs come as a set of a top and pants. These fitted blouse-like tops come with side pockets to store all your essentials. Paired with wide-leg pants, they make perfect-fitting, smart-looking attires that feel comfortable too. 

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Fashionable yet functional is the new mantra in nursing scrubs. The question that arises is what fabric to choose for scrubs comfortable to be worn all day long yet durable enough to withstand consistent washes. Here are some of the best materials used in fashion scrubs for nurses.

Cotton: The Traditional Choice for Scrubs Fabric

Soft and breathable, cotton appears the natural fabric choice for scrubs that is easily washable too. However, a significant problem with cotton scrubs is that they wrinkle easily and need ironing. Also, it is frustrating that the colors of cotton fabrics fade quicker than other materials. This means faster replacement.

Polyester- For Lesser Maintenance

As a synthetic fiber made from water and petroleum, polyester is another fabric commonly used in fashion scrubs for nurses. What makes it a popular choice for scrubs is that it is stain and wrinkle-resistant. Hence, it doesn’t require daily ironing. It’s an easy-to-care-for fabric that dries quickly. 

However, even this high-tech fabric isn’t without disadvantages. It is not as comfortable to wear like cotton and may feel a little rough on the skin.

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Spandex: For Some Stretch

Another synthetic fabric with all the plus points of Polyester is Spandex. It does not stretch or shrink and takes dyes well. Spandex absorbs sweats and stains. Therefore, when used in combination with other fabrics, it spreads quickly without bagging or sagging, thus giving you the snug fit. It’s commonly used in yoga pants, but spandex works as a combination of fabric in nursing scrubs.

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Rayon: Much like cotton

As a human-made fiber made from wood pulp, it has the softness and absorbency of cotton. But, rayon wrinkles easily when wet. On the positive side, it’s a lot cheaper than cotton. Therefore, it is used in making scrubs for people looking for comfort at an affordable price tag.

Blends: Offering Best of Both Worlds

Blended fabric is a widespread technique whereby the manufacturer balances one fabric’s negatives with the positive of another. Many top-of-the-line fashion scrubs for nurses feature cotton with polyester blended fabric that offers softness and breathability of the cotton. 

Here, the added polyester makes it fade-resistant, quick-drying, and wrinkle resistant. Most importantly, it is cheaper than pure cotton and keeps you looking smart, fresh, and comfortable.

Of course, different brands offer different varieties of nursing scrubs with a varied price tag. The one you choose ultimately boils down to your personal choice and preference. Choose the scrubs that fit well and are comfortable. Also, see if they are long-lasting, so you don’t have to replace them often.

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